Telephone Reading

We could be forgiven for feeling confused in these insecure times. We could also be forgiven for not knowing exactly what we want, where we are going and why our life does not seem to be making much sense. Yet even so, we realized long ago that there is something “mysterious” about life, something “magical” and “other worldly”. So we decide to call up a psychic and ask for a telephone reading, we just need to talk to someone wise and kind, someone who will not criticize us for the strange feelings we have been having lately!

As we chat away to Astrid the psychic, the telephone reading becomes intriguing. We explain to her how we have these “lost” feelings. We tell her how that sense of isolation, that disassociation has gotten us down. We tell her that our nearest and dearest never understood why we want to gaze up at the night sky, never comprehended why we are happier spotting a bright orb millions of light years away rather than guzzle a Chinese takeaway. We know we are a black sheep, we always quarrel with mum and dad who never understand why we were attracted to all things “weird”, weird fashions, weird belief systems, weird make up, pink hair, wacko friends. Mum once said we would never fit in, and we used to argue with her all the time, now we just feel far away, now things are getting challenging and we want to understand if we can go on like this?

As the telephone reading continues we start to feel energized, positive, and above all understood. Astrid tells us during the telephone reading that we carry a special gene in our DNA, a gene that makes us “Star seeds” who are folks who connect to diverse metaphysical dimensions. She also tells us that Star Seeds have incarnated on this earth to build into a new light matrix, to create a loving bond with a vast family of light workers, to cooperate with peace makers across the length and breadth of this planet. She tells us that we are more than able to raise consciousness in others and as Astrid goes even more deeply into the telephone reading, we open out more and more. We tell her about the difficulties we faced in childhood, our sense of loss, our loneliness and she tells us that this is all totally explicable when we can understand that we are “one offs” come to shift the planet into a higher consciousness in challenging times.

Things are starting to fall into place Astrid, we tell her! So that is why we have amazing dreams, so that is why we only relate to a few, so that is why we run away from the “status quo!” So that is why when we fall in love it is so deep, so profound. During the telephone reading Astrid also says we will feel much better if we decide to make a spiritual choice and reach out to our soul mates, other star seeds, earth angels and light workers intent on bringing peace to the world. Astrid amplifies on the telephone reading, she tells us as time goes by we will seek to avoid false values, deviate from the mainstream perceptions of reality, stand up for our beliefs. She tells us we will be courageous enough to create our original view of the world. She tells us that as we connect to the light and the higher visions we hold within our hearts, we will slowly let go of loneliness, disappointment and of feeling different to others. She says that we will look younger as we grow older, that we will find true love when we least expect it, a true soul love that few are able to experience for its intensity. She says that for all our suffering, and our sense of isolation, we can still enjoy our lives, but from a place few attempt to understand, A Light Place!

After the telephone reading we meditate and think through what has been said, but it all makes sense. We understand. We accept that we have always been different, and that is okay. But perhaps now we can be different in a positive way. Perhaps now we have found our mission and will be able to stand up to the challenges and bring our mission into being. We never thought a telephone reading would reveal so many secrets about who we are. But Astrid has shown us one of the most amazing experiences of our lives!