Card Psychic Readings


The Mandala

As a spiritual practice Tibetan monks create divinely sublime sand mandalas. “The mandala is a visual metaphor for the embodiment of the perfect qualities of compassion, sublime wisdom, and skillful means,” explains expert on Tibetan ritual Joanne Schneider. In fact, after many hours of perfecting these exquisite mandalas, the monks take them apart, to demonstrate the impermanence of life, but also to distribute the power of mandala “deities” to all sentient beings. “It is believed the Tibetan sand mandala brings a positive spiritual contribution to an environment,” continues Schneider.

It cannot be denied, sand mandalas are a “symbolic” yet spiritual perception that connects to that universal force within all life. Tarot card psychic readings have a similar significance to sand mandalas in that their powerful imagery combine with the psychic’s connection to a magical language. The minor tarot arcane of swords, Air, Wands Fire, Pentacles Earth, and Cups Water are not just metaphors for the four elements, but powerful shamanic symbols used in four directional shamanic invocations.

The art of card psychic readings has been much maligned, may because many of us try to “do it ourselves”, without really understanding the full significance of the cards. Also some are afraid of card psychic readings, associating them with the occult, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact rather than encouraging negative thoughts and practices, a card psychic reading concords with the highest precepts of Christianity, which are love, truth and simplicity. When card psychic readings hone into a problem you can be sure they will show you a solution, or give you a helpful prediction, as a loving reader supports you through any challenge.

Like most things, knowledge is the key to understanding. It takes years of study, self enquiry and inner soul work to merge with the mystical heritage contained in the tarot. Yet its exquisite depiction of the human soul and the designs of fate, certainly guide us through life’s numerous challenges. Tarot card psychic readings depict our personal evolution from Zero, The Fool, to full on accomplishment in The World, the last, and twenty first arcane card. Throughout this journey we learn to share our world with others, and the colours, shapes, pictures and symbolism reflected in the Tarot help us understand what that world is. In short, Card psychic readings comprehend who we are and where we are going.

Getting To Know The Tarot

Card psychic readings also have a poetic significance; the exquisite images on the cards enthral us with their beauty. We see in them what we fear and yearn for the most. The Devil tarot card can teach us about our addictions and passions. The beautiful Empress demonstrates a rich inner life that we can project on to material existence. An angelic Temperance symbolizes our capacity to transform poison to nectar, or good to bad and The beautiful Lovers show how our love choices affect life! As we familiarize with the deck and its symbolism, we might realize consciousness is rather like a Russian doll revealing within it other, smaller dolls, one lain one on top of the other. In other words, once you think you have found the last doll, a smaller and more complex one reveals itself to you. Like the Russian doll, understanding a card psychic reading reveals mystery after mystery, if we open up to them, for as we understand ourselves we discover there is even more to understand! .

Accomplished card psychic readings gift us with stunning spiritual tools. But like the Tibetan sand mandala, tarot card psychic readings are dismantled when they are finished with. And like Tibetan sand Mandalas, the Tarot Spirit that remains within us helps us overcome the most challenging life problems