Psychic Abilities

9928353naturaldisasterOkay, those of you with psychic abilities already will have been watching the state of our world with dismay Also your natural psychic abilities will have clarified a point of view about how “things are probably gonna go!” for planet earth.


But psychic abilities do not always coincide with time lines, since they are frequently “Visionary” in nature and therefore not that tuned into date and year. In fact, some very brilliant folks with psychic abilities have envisioned occurrences that did not “cut the mustard” especially predictions for 2006, when a cluster never happened. We will list them:

* In January 25 a major “Earthquake Storm” was predicted for Los Angeles and it was “seen” that it would last for two hours and would range from 7.1 to 7.9 on the Richer Scale, nothing obviously happened.

* It was predicted by a well known CNN TV reporter, who shall remain nameless, that in August 2006 Israel would be wiped off the face of the map and the dreaded Armageddon would begin. The email reply from the aforementioned reporter to a critical colleague was as follows. “I wasn’t predicting Armageddon today. We talked about the predictions of the renowned Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis!” We rest our case on that one.

* The True Bible Code, looked on with high esteem by many, predicted that a nuclear bomb would hit Manhattan in August 2009, they also were sure the UN would take over the world and that a global famine would ensue.

However, a really “wobbly” top prediction could be the one given by a certain Dr Jose Luis Miranda, a man with extensive psychic abilities. He was certain that Jesus Christ’s second coming would occur in Puerto Rico in December 17, 2006 His exact words were:

This December 17th the world will be a witness of the second coming of Christ. The King of Kings will touch upon the boricuan [Hispanic] land. Puerto Rico will be the stage where hundreds of people will witness ‘live’ while millions will watch through satellite TV. The event will put a mark upon history. That prediction, needless to say, didn’t happen either.

Understanding Psychic Abilities

We do not want to be overly optimistic about the future of this planet. We need to understand that those with psychic abilities can, as we said, be “visionary” and warnings given classified also as “potential happenings”. This does not mean that the world is not in for challenging times and that we should not remain focused and positive, finding ways to build up our self responsibility and capacity to plan long term when it comes to a possible financial crash. We do not have to have to go all “Panic Stations” and start to “hoard” food, but varied empaths with psychic abilities do link in with a “common vision” which is that our planet earth needs to “clean up its act”, go through a sort of “purification” process. We, its citizens, must evolve and understand that there is far more to the current, dire material reality than meets the eye. At this stage it is only wise to do become well informed and spruce up our acts! So those who want to step forwards with global psychic predictions, we believe in you. Although not always accurate in timelines, you are warning us that it is never too late to be more loving and giving, more spiritual in other words. And on the “being more loving prediction” we have to say that will never be proved wrong. Without an end to war and “man’s inhumanity to man”, the world is likely to go through many of the above predictions, although not in the stated timelines.