Pet Mediums

63325267catdogWe Love Our Pets!

Pet mediums have always been very much in demand. Why? Well because we adore our animals. Sometimes we adore them more than our friends, who can be erratic and moody and don’t phone us when they say they are going to. But pets are faithful, they never let us down and they are cuddly too. We project our love onto them and they pay us back 100 fold with their adorable little antics and unique characteristics. We suffer, in fact life can be downright horrible, when we lose our beloved four legged companions, even though they have messed up our sofa with hairs, covered our expensive oak panel desk with scratch marks and cost us a bomb when it came to veterinary care.

But how can pet mediums contact the deceased Whisky the cat, or Rusty the dog, or even Gerald the goldfish when they morph into spirits? Animals don’t talk either. So how on earth can pet mediums communicate other than barking, meowing or screeching their messages to us from the beyond?

New Scientist Magazine

Well, pet mediums will tell you that animals have very strong emotions, and so will an animal behaviourist for that matter. In an article in the New Scientist Magazine, Mark Bekoff, Professor of Biology states “A decade ago, neurobiologists identified specific nerve cells that are associated with empathy – the bedrock of social emotions. These so-called mirror neurons have been identified in non-human primates and it is likely that they exist in humans and other mammals and perhaps even in birds.” Pet mediums have always deciphered pets’ emotions through the transmission of emotions. The fact is, pets feel almost as strongly as we do, they experience passionate love and they are overwhelmed with grief when they lose their beloved owners. Ever seen a picture of a dog sitting by the side of its deceased master for hours howling?

But do cats love us too? Well they are certainly not into pleasing us, and they can act rather stuck up. But their gestures include affectionate cuddles, sitting on a lap, butting their heads against us, touching us with their noses and generally showing off their unique personalities. And if we die they will mourn us so deeply sometimes they will give up playing with their ball, or even refuse their food. They see us as a lost member of their “Cat Club”.

Pet mediums

Pet mediums are well aware animals have souls and that they communicate their messages to bereft owners, sometimes with proof that will identify them. Pet mediums have been known to channel intimate messages about a beloved plastic bowl, an annoying collar, a fun garden, a favourite room, or a feeling as the pet connects to the owner through the psychic with nostalgia and yearning. It is sometimes quite miraculous to behold the personality of a beloved animal channeled through a pet medium.

So the animal lovers amongst us will know that we will indeed mourn the loss of good old “Buster” But perhaps we will manage to “chat” to him if we decide to go for the pet medium option. Our memories of cuddling our beloved tabby when things were not going that well will bring tears to our eyes, so Pet mediums remind us of these gentle feelings and help us realize how fulfilling our relationship with out pet once was. So no matter the grief, life would have been far less joyful if we had not had our adorable pet by our side.