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30342985dreamingsDr Chet Snow

Are you like a Dr Chet Snow, who adores looking into his future, a very long term future? A future that could stretch into hundreds of years? Those of us who enjoy a live psychic chat now and again are probably curious about how life will develop in these challenging times, perhaps as far ahead as 2012. Dr Chet is certainly very interested in futuristic times too. He told CMN, the Conscious Media Network, about his perceptions and how he has always been very interested in something called “future life progression”, as opposed to “past life regression”, especially since he started investigating the Hopi prophecies and crop circles in-depth.

Dr Chet Snow had strong psychic visions after his beloved grandmother passed on. His grandmother subsequently came to him in a dream and told Chet he would meet a woman called Helen, a woman who would change his life forever. Within 72 hours, an acquaintance told Dr Snow about an amazing past life regressionist, her name was Helen of course! But what really fascinated Dr Snow was the possible future of planet earth, and his place in it and he wondered if Helen could tell him something about that! Luckily enough for him Helen was able to hypnotically guide him hundreds of years ahead! The technique he underwent was called Future Life Progression. A technique that could be compared to the time machine in the film “Into the Future!”

Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression guides us to change our Karma, by realizing that every current action is shaping our future. Similar to a past life regression, the therapist guides us into a deep trance and then leads us forwards to discover future lives and worlds! As most of us know, when a psychic goes into “trance” during a live psychic chat, she is inclined to see visions of our and the world’s, potential. One psychic continually sees a city of glass. Crystal towers and pyramids, thousands of years beyond this day and age, with some of her clients literally flying through the air. She says it will be a time when the world is one of peace, art and inspiration. She continues to receive the same visions. She might be glimpsing a spatial civilisation perhaps, as she sees the souls of her clients manifesting on it.

We are all inclined to perceive death as an end, some of us believe that our lives in the “other world” are forever, that we never incarnate at all. But this might not be the case. Some believe our souls evolve further and further, higher and higher into our best potential. So next time you decide to tune into a live psychic chat you could ask the empath to look beyond your mundane concerns, into a longer term vision. By connecting to your Higher Self the psychic will be able to tune into the Divine Plan for your evolution. She might travel through parallel universes to do so. Her visions also might even inspire you to access your gifts and skills, to understand your positive personality traits and realize how important every action you take is on a day to day basis. As your soul grows you could be contributing to a positive life style hundreds, if not thousands of years into the future. In fact as the empath tunes in during a live psychic chat, she could take you on a journey far beyond this life, into diverse existences beyond this planet!

Quantum Physics

Certain aspects of Quantum physics see time as an illusion and humanity as one tiny aspect within an immense block of infinite energy, called the Unified Field. If this were true, it would not be extraordinary for an empath to assess the evolution of your soul purpose during a live psychic chat. A future beyond time and space, in other words. During a live psychic chat the empath could also help you overcome confidence issues and realize how original avenues of self expression could be utilized, for as the psychic accesses a vision of your more evolved self, she is seeing an entity that incarnates over and over again, into a magnificent future.