Tarot Psychic Reading

39201535malibuBrandon Bays

Perhaps Brandon Bays would not be into a tarot psychic reading to see into her future, since she sustains more of a healer-type energy, but we imagine she would certainly be ready to listen to what a tarot psychic reading had to say.

In the summer of 1992, in her words, she “woke up and realized I finally had to face whatever it was that had made my tummy grow so large over the last few months, I just couldn’t stay in denial any longer. Some part of me knew there was something seriously wrong inside, that I was finally going to have to face the doctors and get it checked out”.

Brandon lived in a cottage on the beach in Malibu, California. She had taken a lot of time out doing personal growth work, and felt positive about her life. As is stated in her book “she was vibrant with health. But a tumour the size of a football was growing in her stomach”. That was not the end to her problems. She subsequently lost her house to a fire, her money to the IRS and her husband to another woman. Now would a tarot psychic reading have helped her see her way through to transforming great pain into great light? One could call this into question.

But the result of Brandon’s tribulations was that not only did she heal herself of the tumour with “no drugs, and no surgery” she created what is quoted as “An extraordinary guide to healing your life and setting yourself free, called the Journey. Brandon’s technique has become a worldwide phenomenon, guiding us directly to the root cause of any longstanding difficulty and then giving us the tools to finally and completely resolve it. Brandon’s powerful processes create remarkably profound and lasting results. Chronic pain simply vanishes. Ancient, depression and sexual blocks disappear. Self esteem grief and anger issues fall away and illnesses resolve and heal.”Could this be?”

Well, it has to be said that Brandon Bays is exactly as the blurb on the back of her book claims she is, beautiful, loving, compassionate and wise. Her book is called The Journey and is a smash hit. The back cover reads “Brandon is one of the most innovative teachers in the personal growth field today and has appeared on stage with Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer and other leading development teachers. She travels worldwide giving seminars and workshops touching the hearts of thousands”.

One could ask whether the power of a tarot psychic reading would have delved deeply into Brandon’s issues before they became events. Or even if she had heard the predictions, whether she would have pushed against her Destiny at all? One is aware that tarot psychic readings are special, in that the reader is compassionate and evolved. Also in a tarot psychic reading, the reader sometime utilizes spiritual healing to touch on a personal problem, healing it as she brings it into consciousness.

Chalk and Cheese Technnique

Some might say a tarot psychic reading is as different from Brandon’s unique healing technique as “chalk is from cheese”. But Brandon would be the first to agree that the universe is one throbbing mass of consciousness and that everything can be contained within it, if perceived with unconditional love. Perhaps the experience of her “Journey” healing technique could be followed up by a tarot psychic reading to add on to the fullness of the experience. Perhaps many followers of The Journey would not agree, but there is something to be said in the acceptance of diverse disciplines of learning, awareness and metaphysical healing, and sometimes two diverse perceptions of spiritual growth can become integrated. We cannot be sure that this is true in Brandon’s case due to the originality and uniqueness of her techniques. But we are sure that she is a wonderful example of the light winning over all odds, in other words the amazing power of human courage and the healing force of faith

She quotes W.B Yeats in her book The Journey “We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us to see their own images and so for a moment live a clearer, perhaps even fiercer life because of our quiet”. We are certain a tarot psychic reading would sustain that self same perception.