Psychic Society

39197232moneyscalesWhat would a psychic society be like? Certainly it would be alternative where spiritual rather than material aspects of life would be a primary need.

Modern Society

It is obvious that the financial situation worldwide might not be able to sustain humanity’s future needs. In fact, the world could be heading towards a hyper inflationary blowout. The Financial Times reported an upward trend in toxic assets. The US Government is bailing banks out to the tune of 24 trillion dollars. The bubble is due to burst and the result could be a new way of living reality as all our primary systems being to crack. Perhaps an alternative or spiritual/psychic society could emerge as a result. But of course there has to be a capacity to open the mind and learn new ways of perceiving “reality”, to understand subtle spiritual energies that have sustained life since time began. We need to understand that we can change for the better, become aware that love could become an emotional, spiritual and social reality. A psychic society could indeed become a healing society if people find they do not have the same structures to lean on as before. Of course 2012 could be a time when that crack down on old mentalities occurs, with monetary devaluation and natural calamities ruling the game.

Most psychics will tell you that we are heading towards a transformation of life as we know it. People all over the world are beginning to see through the veil. Huge increases in filmed and reported UFO sightings have been noted. The man on the street is perceiving something is not quite right with the realities taught to us by “powers that be”. David Icke sustains a global network of secret societies destroying world peace with selfish power mania and disregard for human life. It is clear that many people’s lives have tumbled into crisis. Perhaps a psychic society could grow from this, and help us move towards new opportunities and ways of living our lives. Perhaps financial structures will be more humanity driven and people friendly. We could find home businesses producing alternatives to energy quagmires, like the installation of worldwide solar panels. In fact, the current crisis could lead to a totally new and better way of living life and perhaps psychic society could be a renaissance for humanity, only time will tell.

Material Crisis

Those who request psychic readings are aware there are realities “beyond sight” that affect humanity. The number of individuals looking for spiritual answers to material crises is increasing. The earth is cracking with earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, etc, so it is evident that not only our basic lifestyle structures are falling apart, but nature is rebelling. Main stream perceptions of political realities could be called into question, especially since “the largest bail out in history” does not seem to be working. A psychic society might be opposed to the philosophy of current power structures. People would expand their vision, extend their perceptions, deride war and see through to a new way of being. Humanity needs to plan for a more spiritual future. If we want to keep this planet safe, we will have to cut back on fuel consumption and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. We will have to advance within, and see where we went wrong.

But what kind of people would a psychic society is comprised of?, people who have worked through their negativity and are willing to see act with love and compassion, people who do not put self interest on top of “their list of things to do”. People who grow their own food, create their own free energy, and seek to help their fellow man. People who are aware altered states of consciousness are not as “wacko” as mainstream culture points out. People who seek to gain an educated perception of spirituality, rather than the current proliferated vision of money grabbing, con artist descriptions of psychics and healers.

We can only suppose that a psychic society would be a viable alternative. The most important thing we can do now, is seek to educate ourselves spiritually, materially and psychologically. The more knowledge we have, the more we will be able to judge whether a metaphysical, psychic society could be an alternative. Whatever we choose, we will choose for the better!