Christian Psychics

10027577christianWe all know there are many rooms within God’s Mansion. There are also many types of “psychics” who choose to operate within a multifaceted “metaphysical” criteria, using diverse, yet spellbinding modules of paranormal knowledge in that process. But the question we might ask is what is the different between Christian Psychics, and your everyday psychic? Well, interestingly enough, quite a lot.

Christians and The Occult

The fact is, most Christians do not believe in anything “occult”. Some churches see the paranormal as detrimental to the soul’s well being. So anyone choosing to join the ranks of Christian psychics might need to break through such types of “thinking modes”, perhaps even learn to take a broader vision of Christ’s mission on this earth. So even if some Christians caste dispersion on “fortune tellers” and claim they are only transmitting perverse information from the nether regions, a natural human need for counsel, and “other worldly” understanding is still very much part of humankind’s search for truth, both in Christian and Gnostic traditions.

The fact is most psychics use various channels to connect to Spirit, some might tune into Divine Mother energy, others into the Matrix, others might channel spirit guides and still others might work with that aforementioned agnostic perception of a multi faceted spiritual reality. Still others just get visions that come and go, or dreams that read the future.


However, Christian psychics claim they only have one source of becausemic information that they interconnect with spiritually and that is their Lord and Master, Jesus Christ. In other words Christian Psychics claim they carry the true blessing and loving intentions of Jesus in their hearts when they carry out a reading for you. To a Christian psychic, only the words of Jesus can be true, so they will quote the bible and inform they are using the highest knowledge, from the purest font.

But are not all psychics sensitive, loving individuals? Some would claim that “All is One” and that Jesus would not lock anyone out of his heart. In fact, Jesus could not block out the divine multi dimensionality of God’s creation at all, for God is his father! Perhaps one could say that everything is within the One Lord God and all His faces and “aspects” could refer to the Christian religion as much as it could refer to the Buddhist, Hindu, Wicca and Bahai religions.

A small percentage of Christian psychics infer that other types of readers could be “tainted” with negative energies. But this has yet to be proved. It is certain that many psychics have a deep faith in Christ, and his legions of angels, and see Him as the ultimate in goodness, one of the prime sources for the soul’s liberation.

Most psychics will claim, whether they be Christian or Gnostic, that most of life’s events are destined indeed! What all psychics will attempt to do is help those who turn to them and guide them to fulfilling their destiny in the best possible way. In fact, all psychics, Christian or otherwise, will hold your hand through trials and tribulations, reminding you that nothing good or bad lasts forever. They will also remind you that with a pure faith in the Higher Forces, including the loving heart of Lord Jesus, we can all fill our lives with divine love and our relationships with joy and happiness. We just need to learn to tread the path of “least resistance!” and trust that wherever we are lead, we will find the right friends and counsellors to guide us along our way.