Astrologer Readings

34813898starsHow can astrologer readings be helpful? Is it that realistic to expect that those stars gleaming down from the heavens can really affect our destiny? But yet, as spooky as astrology might appear to some, astrologer readings often “hit the bull’s eye” and predict future outcomes that some might prefer to ignore.


Could Tiger Woods’ negative Uranus in Pisces have predicted the emotional chaos he now finds himself in? Astrologer readings would say all those betrayals suddenly coming home to roost like so many chickens was only to be expected and his desperate attempts to find balance again are doomed to failure, and for a while yet too.

Could the matrimonial crisis of Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon have something to do with a squaring Venus in Scorpio? This might hint at a challenging emotional undercurrent revealing itself to this lovely duo and perhaps splitting one of the longest Hollywood marriages apart.

As for Steven Tyler, Aerosmith’s charismatic lead singer, he is probably not leaving the group as rumoured. He has been fighting with pharmaceutical dependency for many years and with Neptune transiting Aquarius, most astrologer readings would note he will still have to work very hard at de-toxing his lifestyle.

We cannot expect the beautiful Angelina Jolie to be consistently loyal to her Brad either. She confessed that she does not really believe in fidelity and with that Venus squared Uranus in her personal chart, we can still expect future “big dipper-type” emotional news to hit the headlines when it comes to this couple’s hot connection.

2010 Horoscopes

Astrologer readings might also say that in 2010 Gemini’s will finally follow their hearts, Taureans will cleanse themselves from within, Aries folk will walk around with “stars in their eyes” and Leos will flick back their manes and roar like they never have roared before!

Some worldwide astrologer readings also predict a “Russia-China-Iran military alliance, with Russia aiding Iran to build the A-Bomb!!” Other astro readings for 2010 maintain that Pakistan will continue to be a thorn in the West’s side by nurturing terrorism and creating worldwide unrest with a new spate of suicide bombings.

On the positive side astrology readings also see medicine making great strides and breakthroughs in the cure of HIV, cancer and many other major diseases in 2010. However, we are to be warned of pandemics that could spread across the globe and need to be curbed with healthier life styles.

Whether we believe the aforementioned or not, we cannot fail to consider that the intricate science of astrology plays more than an important part in personal and global destiny. The ancients based their existence on the placement of those planets above our heads. The Egyptians and Mayans lay great store by their accurate astro predictions. The sceptical might say astrology is a load of bunkum that cannot be proved, but we know that our world is affected by the moon on tides and that the human body is made up, in the main, of water. Could this leave us with food for thought, and prepare us for the changes to come?