Angel Reader

37089405angelAn angel reader is a unique individual because to channel sublime energies, they would have had to go through much of their own personal cleansing, and risen to a high level of spiritual awareness. An angel reader will have examined the smallest fault within and sought to rectify it, not only with self discipline but with compassion and insight. They will have learnt to control their mind, so that the negative thoughts do not get the better of them.

Guardian Angels

Often an angel reader will have sensed the presence of their guardian angel at an early age. They would have communicated with them, through divine sensations, like an electromagnetic love flow through the physical bodily and a warm glow in their heart. Sometimes they had an experience, saw a light being, or felt guided by a magical feeling they could not explain.

They might tell you that in order for you to experience a call from the heavens look up at the clouds and note if one is moulded into the form of an angel or if you are tuned in enough you could even see an angel around you in some photograph. You might spot a ball of light or unusual streaks of colour on the print, which usually means the presence of a powerful angelic protective presence.


If you have prayed for guidance, you might find white feathers appearing in odd places, sometimes floating directly down from the sky in front of you, just like in the film “Forrest Gump”. Usually that means no matter the challenges you will still be protected and safe. You might see images of white feathers on billboards even, or hear the words “feathers” said by someone on the radio or television.

An angel reader with clairaudient skills can sometimes hear angels whispering around them or a beautiful chorus vibrating down from the heavens. You might turn on the radio and hear a song about angels too and realize that you are happy and at peace at that very moment.

Parting Visions

In Dr Melvin Morse’s book “Parting Visions”, he reports about a Dr Frank Oski and his angelic encounter.

“Dr. Oski was touched by the same mystical light described by people down through the ages who have had visions, including near-death experiences.

As a medical student Oski was enthusiastic about the potential of modern medicine, but frustrated by the fact that children die of congenital defects that are beyond anyone’s control. One night he went to bed pondering the fate of a dying patient. Although he was doing his best, the child was not improving. He felt powerless to help and went to sleep wondering why this child had to die. About an hour after falling asleep Oski was awakened by a bright light, one that shone in his room like a private sun. Oski could make out the form of a woman in the glow of the intense light. She had wings on her back and was approximately twenty years old.”

In a quiet and reassuring voice the woman explained to the speechless Oski why it was that children had to die, ‘The angel (I don’t know what else to call her) said that life is an endless cycle of improvements and that humans are not perfect yet. She said that most people have this secret revealed to them when they die, but that handicapped children often know this and endure their problems without complaining because they know that their burdens will pass. Some of these children, she said, have even been given the challenge of teaching the rest of us how to love. It stretches our own humanity to love a child who is less than perfect,’ said the angel. ‘And that is an important lesson for us.’

Angels in Modern Day

Cathy had lost her baby due to a spontaneous abortion. As she was being wheeled from the operating theatre she felt herself rising to another dimension, where she saw six beautiful, light filled beings with colourful auras around their heads. One held a scroll and opened it before Cathy. On it, Cathy saw ancient hieroglyphics and formulae, in what seemed like a mix of mathematical equations and poems. The Angel said to her, “this is the secret of life, never forget its love! And use it!” Within six months, Cathy was pregnant again!

An angel reader would not be surprised at such a miracle and neither should we!