Certified Psychic

19098991certifiedA psychic is a person with gifts of extrasensory insight. The fact that there are frauds claiming to be psychic is frustrating for clients and the “sensitives” alike. In fact many empaths prefer to register their gifts and become “certified psychics” which means going through tests to ensure their validity. Some people have been deluded by previous readings and therefore ask for a certified psychic in their online or telephone reading requests, perhaps because they give some semblance of security. Most legitimate websites test out their spiritual workers, to make sure they have proven psychic ability anyway. The standards are high as both certified psychic and a regular psychic talent are validitated through complex testing protocol


The sceptics, such as James Randi, claim that psychic phenomena are undertaken through a technique called “cold reading” which hones into the client’s energy field, and reflects it back at them. These types of readings do exist, but any true psychic has no need of them, they are easily identifiable anyway, because a “false reader” will never pick up the intimate details of a person’s life and will always talk of a “bigger, rather vague” situation. The clients’ need to believe will do the rest!

Most mediums and channelers have such specialized and provable gifts that to become a certified psychic verified by an organization that conforms to a set of rules, means little to them, may be because the very essence of a reading is that it is “out of the box”. However rules applicable to a registered certified psychic could be useful in the case of a difficult client, or fulfil a need to build up a reputation. But usually an empath’s success speaks for itself, especially when readings are done from a place of love and grace. However, it is understandable that some psychics, empaths and mediums do not feel it necessary to enter the “certified psychic “denomination if their track records are solid and believable.

When it comes to the testing of a certified psychic, Professor Jessica Utts of the Division of Statistics at California University has been responsible for testing psychic functioning over a two decade period. The report she wrote states, “After considerable testing, to standards applicable to scientific protocol, the results of the studies were that psychic functioning can be well established.”

The fact is many people are unaware of the metaphysical research that both certified psychics and psychics alike undergo to prove their skills. The sceptics would not be in agreement with the outcome of the aforementioned California University testing criteria, even if performed by such a bona fide educational establishment,. The sceptics usually use results of their own studies and tests, which are done under more than rigorous conditions, and totally eliminate the “universal consciousness” and “faith” factors. In fact they ignore any conclusions from external testing resources in their publications and media interviews. To say their view is “prejudiced” could be considered an understatement.

The fact remains, a certified psychic is no different from your ordinary, gifted psychic. Frauds can infiltrate the system but this does not mean psychic phenomena is unverifiable. There are people who take advantage in any profession, perhaps the metaphysical profession has been more abused than others. But the fact is a reputable company will continue to rigidly test their empaths. Whether certified psychic or not, a true empath will always tune into your problem correctly and help you find solutions to it. There is a third element within all psychic readings too, and we call it “Spirit”, “All that Is”, “Faith”, “Belief” and the “God, factor” now that is a mystery that up to now has remained “uncertifiable” in any laboratory, but the thought of “Certifying Faith” is rather ludicrous in our view!