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Angela told us that some years back she had wanted to take advantage of a free psychic reading given by a local empath, who was very popular with the local neighbourhood at the time. She had been having an ongoing dream of a beautiful angel appearing and shinning a burning light into her heart. The angelic vision was almost indescribable in beauty. The brilliance of the angel’s countenance emanated what Angela could only describe as perfect love. However, the sensation of that light piercing her heart would awaken her to a pillow wet with tears every morning. She wondered whether a free psychic reading would help her understand whether this dream meant something and why it affected her so deeply. A free psychic reading seemed like a solution at the time anyway, at least to understand why the angel was appearing to her in a dream and penetrating her heart with such intensity.

She was lucky, Sonia was also an excellent medium and angel channeler and had been offering her services free one day a week as her own offering to Spirit. Sonia was glad of Angela’s question since it was rare that a client dreamt of angels and wanted to know about them.

First and foremost Sonia told Angela that angels were coming to earth to bring light to spiritual darkness, therefore the dream meant that Angela would soon experience a breakthrough in her life, and lift her perceptions to new levels of wisdom and understanding.

Geoffrey Hodson

Sonia then quoted the great insights of Geoffrey Hodson in his book “The Coming of Angels” – “In olden days when an ancient race was born, and reached its prime, angels walked with men. When decay set in, spiritual darkness fell upon the race and the angels left the side of men.

But then Hodson wrote “a new age dawned and a new race was born. The time of the reunion had come and again the angel and the human became branches of the same family of God. There would be joy in the hearts of the angelic hosts, because of this glad reunion!”

Sonia told Angela that this phrase was a referral to a time when the “Coming of Angels” would occur, because humanity would have risen in awareness and be able to see “the inner worlds with the beauty, the splendour and the power of angelic presence!”

Sonia encouraged Angela to follow her individual soul path and to realize that within her there was a rising of great spiritual light. She spoke of the many souls in the process of such ascension, ordinary people seeking a new awakening into Spirit, with the help of angels. She quoted Hodson again, when he wrote, “If men would make the angels welcome in their midst, the hand which they will clasp must no longer bear the stain of blood of cruelty and death!”

Sonia told Angela that Geoffrey Hodson was one of the greatest mystics of all time. He had served in the British army with great distinction and had left this world in 1983 in Auckland. He had written many books on the metaphysical, some included his own experience with angelic visitations. His “Coming of the Angels” was one of those great writings. Sonia then quoted one of the most beautiful paragraphs in his book, when Hodson described his own personal experience with a Power Angel.

The angels of the formless worlds appear as beings of brilliant light out-raying from a central source of greater brilliance and intensity, within which, translucent and supernaturally beautiful, the ideation of the angel form may be perceived. Immense forces flow through and all about them, each in its appropriate symbolic hue. Their countenances are noble, majestic and serene. Their eyes shine with ecstasy and blaze with resistless power, conveying an impression of dynamic energy and exaltation which would be awe inspiring in the extreme, were it not for their perfect self mastery, and the compassion which tempers the almost unbearable intensity of their gaze!

When Sonia read out this paragraph, Angela knew why her eyes were filling with tears, she realized that what she had experienced in her dream was the presence of a Power Angel. Angela then realised she had a divine purpose, and shortly afterwards became a spiritual healer and would assist many suffering souls as a result.

Angela is still aware of the presence of her angel, who stands by her as she reaches out to the suffering with unconditional love. Who would have ever thought that a free psychic reading would have had such a profound effect on one life, but the truth is it changed Angela forever.

The names have been changed in this article to protect personal privacy.