Clairvoyant Psychic

34814864earthA clairvoyant psychic is certainly aware that humanity incarnated on planet earth to expand awareness and understanding of reality and that we are currently in the process of moving consciousness to higher spiritual dimensions, a clairvoyant psychic also realizes, as does Regina of the Conscious Media Network, “that humanity is moving into a new light field of density. However we still need to learn to express ourselves in that context, and realize that it takes time to evolve. To evolve means opening out to a new set of understandings, and make them our own. We know for example that we are somewhere between a shift from a third to a fourth density field”.

Within each dimensional field Regina continues “we have sub dimensions that can progress us to shifting the current field of density even further to a lighter one”.

Yet the fact is, if we want to do this we need to change fast. Any clairvoyant psychic would tell us we hold back our own evolution with negative thinking.

Therefore the trick to evolution is to realize that we need to stop projecting our own darkness into the world. Do we caste blame on others? Do we judge before knowing the facts? Do we lie when we are put on the spot? Do we think of vengeance if we believe someone has wronged us? Not judging ourselves harshly but realizing that these negatives will stop us reaping the rewards of Spirit, is a good step to take towards world harmony. In other words, no pointing our finger at our world for its evils, if we have not overcome our own!

Dr Bruce Lipton

Dr Bruce Lipton is a renowned scientist and his take is “spontaneous evolution” and when interviewed by the Conscious Media Network, he said that “We now recognize that the structure of our world is not only based on Mother Nature, but Her interpretation through the miracle of fractal geometry.

Fractals are infinitesimal minute images, rather like the ones on our computer screens that divide themselves into a myriad of similar formats. For example leaves look the same on the trees, arms look the same on people and if you like nature repeats” itself within fractal formations. For example, Dr Bruce Lipton says if he studies a cell he can understand a human being, because a human body is a community of fifty trillion cells, and every cell is a miniature human being, a sentient being, who has their own life and that is how fractals work!

Dr Lipton also claims that “The world today contains “billions of people pushing themselves to extinction because we cannot get along with each other. But the cell civilization inside of us is far more adaptable and has been here a million years!”

Dr Lipton claims “If you are happy and healthy 50 trillion cells inside of your body are happy too. If we take the scientific system of fractals and apply it to our world therefore, we realize there can only be evolution if every cell does its job and contributes to the whole just as we must do to survive.

We are on the threshold of an evolutionary leap; the organization of human life is changing. We are also into a deep phase of mass extinction and our very survival is in question. Science agrees that in forty years all the fish in the ocean will be extinct!

The fact is humanity has “crashed and burnt” many times before, usually due to an outer space intervention like an asteroid crashing into us. So we are right to be fearful, but we need to realize that we can overcome our current fears of annihilation if we learn to live in harmony with our environment “before now”! Becoming more aware as did the Druids, the Aboriginals and the American Indians, that Spirit and Form are connected, is certainly one sure road to survival.

A clairvoyant psychic will be ready to answer our perplexities on such matters. Questions as to “”Why are we here?” “What is going to happen to us now?” will be attended to with loving care, maybe because empaths realize that everything is sacred and that we must treat all living things with love. In fact, they might advise us to detach our emphasis off the material and direct it to the spiritual, but only we can choose to do that and some of us still do not realise the importance of our own positive thoughts. Let us hope that when we do, it will not be too late!