Accurate Psychic Readings

23689991globeSome say accurate psychic readings are equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack. Many have never experienced accurate psychic readings. Some claim that nothing happened like the psychic said it would. Well, yes accurate psychic readings can be disappointing if you perceive life from a purely logical perspective and expect time-zone- style predictions, or that the reading fits in with a specific need.

The Connection

You see accurate psychic readings happen when both you and a psychic go beyond the status quo and believe in the existence of a supernatural force. They will be aware of your sensitivity and their connection to you will be both genuine and “mystical” as a result of your own belief system. In fact their yearning to express the “spiritual powers that be” is a lifelong dedication, ultimately making them a perfect channel for metaphysical energy. Their inborn gift is often enhanced by years of study, self sacrifice and enquiry. Often a “way” is chosen, some psychics go for” Wicca” others follow eastern mystical practices. A percentage become avid disciples of Buddhism and Christianity, and some claim to follow the Kabbalah. All these “ways” are roads to spiritual wisdom and the unconditional love that enables an empath to tap into aspects of your life and prove accurate psychic readings are more than possible.


Regarding the Kabbalah, or the mystical heart of Judaism, you will probably know Madonna is a follower and recently Britney Spears has taken up the same quest. Both stars realize access to their numinous core is vital to happiness. Certainly they probably would not discard the fact that accurate psychic readings could form part of the miraculous side of life. In fact, if you know that there is a great spiritual force at the core of all things your vision will expand and you will understand an empath’s approach, especially when you turn to them for accurate psychic readings. You will also realize that visions from Spirit are not “in the box” and that a psychic will report only on what is shown to them.

A psychic following Kabbalistic tradition will be highly dedicated to your well being, for the Kabbala is a magical road when it comes to discovering self worth and personal goodness. It traces back to the 10th century BC and much of its power remained secret within the ranks of the Sanhedrin, who wanted to make sure this fabulous mystical knowledge would not fall into the wrong hands. Kabbala secrets are based on “The foundation of all foundations, and the pillar of all wisdom that is to know there is God who brought all into being existence” Kabbalistic tradition requires years of intense study to understand the Ten Sephirot or the radiations of God which comprise Keter (will) Chochmah (wisdom) Binah (understanding) Chesded (mercy or loving kindness) Gevurah (justice) Pachad (fear, severity or strength) Tiferet (harmony or beauty), Netzac (Victory), Hod (Glory or Splendour) Yesod (Power of Foundation) and Malkuth (Kingdom of God).

A Kabbalistic-style empath will be aware that the human soul is a profound map of instincts, moral virtues, good and evil, and the Super Soul which opens us all to the presence of God. The Kabbalists believe in Angels and the Book of Zohar, where it is written “Angels of the Creator shall bless Him”. The Zohar states Angels manifest God’s will. They will also believe in the Tree of Life which could be considered the core to mystical esotericism. In fact, one could say the Kabbalah goes beyond religion and deep into the universal cause and effect of life itself, that it expresses the mystic element of our life paths if you like.

Okay, so this might all seem rather high brow, but the basis is if you are looking for accurate psychic readings, know that they are possible through an empath’s sincere dedication to her spiritual path, whatever that may be, in fact the relationship you create with your favourite reader could lead you to wondrous perception of your reality, a reality you never thought possible!