19164391senseWe all have feelings we cannot explain. Janice just knew she would meet the love of her life at the Christmas party. She felt her soul soar as she put on her glad rags and made herself up. A sense of excitement filled her heart, and as she made her grand entrance, she was not surprised to see her soul mate standing right in front of her with a silly paper hat on his head. Sarah the Hospice nurse felt a sudden pain in her heart as she climbed into bed. Later she found out that a young patient she had grown particularly fond of had died around that time. Whether we like it or not, we all feel sudden “sensations” we don’t understand, some call it sixth sense. The fact is since time began, human kind has “instinctively” intuited danger or challenge. However, most of us are unable to “translate” those sensations like a Clairsentient, who is an Empath who “feels” physical sensations as she picks up from the Ethers.


So why are we curious to experience the type of metaphysical experience a Clairsentient can offer us? Other than asking her to help resolve our problems, perhaps we are looking for proof of Spirit. Even celebrities like Demi Moore have been known to call on pet Psychics, some of them Clairsentients who can “feel” where a missing pet is. The fact is we are enthralled by those who can read our life situation without even knowing us. A session with a Clairsentient can be both exciting and remarkable. As she tunes in, she physically senses our Auric fields, unravelling our secrets and seeing into our hearts and minds. She connects to our Auras, the electromagnetic force field emanating around us in waves and colour. Auras hold aspects of our personal experience; past lives and elements of the future and the Clairsentient’s gift is to pick up the messages within them as well as the atmosphere vibrating around places or people thousands of miles away. In other words the Clairsentient has invisible “feelers” extending backwards, forwards and outwards, which she then relates to feelings in her own body. If you are having financial issues, she might sense a tight sensation in her stomach, where you feel anxiety. If you were on the edge of a beautiful love story, she would sense warmth in her heart as the love begins to flower within you. As she “reads” for you, you too could feel a tingling moving up and down your spine or a light pressure pushing down on to your head. You could even smell Rose or Jasmine as she applies her gifts. Sometimes those perfumes signify the presence of your spirit guide or a guardian angel. In other words a Clairsentient takes it upon herself to channel “unseen” sensations and messages from Spirit, and as she perceives through her own physical senses she helps you understand your life’s challenges.

Clairsentients Gifts

Clairsentients usually train years to also build up their natural gifts of compassion and self-awareness. To take on board the intensity of other’s feelings is a challenge, but a magical one, full of mystical power and heartfelt devotion to humanity’s spiritual evolution. It is not a superficial task, therefore a Clairsentient will be well aware of the suffering most of us experience and will be patient. She knows her gifts are a great responsibility and does her best to channel information that will help our lives heal. If you ever experience a successful reading with a Clairsentient you might be inspired to review your reality and ask yourself whether the truth is really “out there!” or within the heart of humanity.