The Akashic Records

7232926universeWould it surprise you to learn that your thoughts, every action, every perception is registered in an immense library beyond the astral plane of consciousness, called the Akasha, which means radiance, or luminous space? Would you be amazed to realize that whatever you think or intend sends out a metaphysical vibration that never disappears from the screen of universal reality? The Akashic records could be described as a giant computer beyond the astral that stores thought bytes, and human energy fractals on its massive hard drive. Rudolf Steiner, the great mystic, saw the Akashic Chronicle of world events as Destiny reflecting onto our universe.

Past Lives and Souls

Our past lives, show up on the Akashic records therefore, as do our talents and those emotional patterns we call karma. This might all be rather hard to conceive, but according to the mystics nothing can be hidden from the God Force. Try staring up into the night sky and realize we are standing in the midst of an awesome cosmos. In fact with all that sheer mystery over our heads, it is not that hard to understand we are very small indeed. Yet the truth of our souls is immense and once we connect to that truth, we can connect to our inner greatness also. The Akashic records are therefore the history of universal soul, the mystical perception of “beingness” encapsulated into our personal divinity.


Great spiritualists believe these records drew together personal, historic and natural data that tends to unfold within life itself. The strange thing is that somewhere deep within us, we know this too. Yes, we already know how many past lives we have experienced and what the truth of our personal universe is. We have already cottoned on to the fact that we are souls migrating through many lives and that mystical truths are locked up in our universal minds. But we usually try not to get too involved with such perceptions, unless they appear in our dreams. We do not take much notice of our weirder thoughts, perhaps because we instinctively know we have incarnated to undertake our personal “mission impossible” and it keeps us very busy! Being born into a difficult family or feeling “different” could be our karma and if we can see it as such, we will evolve and enjoy life as a gift, rather than a challenge.


If you believe that meditating on a daily basis is a positive step to take, you could find yourself accessing all that information locked up in your soul. In fact meditation, yoga or healing energies will build on your capacity to stretch your consciousness, helping you access the mysteries of the Akashic Records. Psychics, healers and empaths are capable readers of the Akashic records, simply because they are born with a special gift or have years of metaphysical experience under their belts. They can tell you what your life purpose is and help you understand your mission on earth that is if you want to know about it!

So ask yourself, do you really wish to comprehend your place in the universe? Do you really desire to overcome your blocks and discover your inner diamond by forgiving and learning to love yourself? Within the Akashic records lies your key to evolution and self expression. As you cultivate a higher perception you could foretell your own future and learn to read your soul. You could even open up the book of your life on the right page and realize that you have the opportunity to edit the plot, or rewrite its chapters. Self will is a fundamental part of the Akashic records. You can use it and change a bad ending into a good one. To access the Akashic records you could also chat with one of our psychics, or go into your local library to understand it all more in-depth. Comprehending that the Akasha exists is an amazing experience and a great life purpose and we wish you the best as you undertake it, of course that is if you wish to!