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When the Norse men galloped across planes, and tracked primeval forests. When ancient tribes felt nature’s elements vibrating within their hearts, and Shamans communicated with “mystical nature sylphs”. When God Odin commanded the universe, Runes came into being. The letters have both sacred and secret meanings encoded into them and experts have deciphered most of them, others still remain enigmatic. Depicting 29 to 33 “letters” they bear a strong resemblance to Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, in fact there has even been some speculation as to whether Runes hark back to the days of the Pharaohs.

In any event, their “Lord of the Ring’s vibe remind us of elves, fairies and earth gods, a parallel universe that resides in unfathomable hieroglyphics carved on stone, or wood. Oblique in shape, sometimes perpendicular, their alphabet is entitled “Futhorc” and it was used, some say, to write spells, charms or curses. Yet for all the superstition connected to Runes, the ancient philosophy behind them is eerily similar to our own higher perceptions of spiritual life today. The perception of the Norse man lay in the significance of “The Wyrd”. “The Wyrd” was perceived as an immense spider’s web that extended across the universe, its myriad threads manifesting energy fields that made up a “Matrix” of which all life is part. The symbols of these energy threads, the vehicles of their interpretation into the physical world in other words, were called Runes.

However, ancient peoples did not believe that only charms and talismans brought luck and prosperity and that Rune invocations alone would save a man from a curse. They realized something had to be healed within a sick soul and so the Elder would lay the ailing tribesman in a dark place and write Rune symbols on their body, placing the letters of a Rune healing spell around them. The Northern tribes were so in touch with the Divine they intuitively understood illness and unhappiness were to do with negative thinking. In fact, they perceived a distorted perception of reality would tear holes into a man’s personal expression of “The Wyrd” It is of interest to note that many healing systems such as Reiki, also use symbology as their matrix and believe that healing the human energy field is an important key to avoiding illness.

Understanding Runes

To understand your Rune destiny, an intuitive will read with safe and tried systems. The most basic is to ponder on your question and then choose three runes. The left is the past, and what circumstances conditioned your current situation. The middle Rune is what the “now” depicts, and the far right Rune shows the probable outcome, if nothing in your attitude changes. The Rune reading system still replicates ancient techniques, when twigs were cut from an apple tree and an elder carved rune symbols onto them and then laid them out in an array around the questioner.

Runes possess an uncanny accuracy, perhaps because they are pervaded by the Spirit of The Wyrd and the powers of the Norse God Odin. As they connect to your Auric field, they seem like antenna connecting to electrical wave lengths, but in this case that wave length is the expression of your soul path. The expert will see images flashed on her receptor “screen” through the intense symbology of each Rune and thus be able to intuit your life purpose and future events regarding love, finances or fate.

Experiencing a Rune reading is certainly no superficial process; it is always wise to meditate a few minutes before connecting to a Rune reader. However an extremely empowering system of understanding Runes’ mystical powers is not only to familiarize yourself with them and study their symbols, but to make your own, meditating and becoming familiar with each one as you carve them into wood or stone. You will learn how “Fehu” means wealth, “Ansruz” means Godly, how “Wunjo” means joy. And as you study the Runes you will enter into that pulsating, vibrant metaphysical world that is “The Wyrd” and it could change your perception of reality forever!