Talismans And Good Luck Charms

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Do good luck charms work? A friend swears by his rather tattered tea shirt. He puts it on every time he needs the world on his side. He is absolutely certain he got his first high-level job because he wore it under his suit during the interview. The first time he realized that it brought him luck was when he was thrown off the back of a friend’s motorbike and landed on his feet!

The fact is many of us believe we need to shield ourselves from a menacing world. Sometimes we are so afraid of the constant challenges of this day and age we safeguard ourselves by buying good luck charms, wearing a crystal or asking a Healer to pray for us. Feeling lucky is fundamental to our inner security and when we get hit with one problem after another, the more superstitious amongst us are certain it is because we broke a mirror or walked under a ladder! Of course, it could be that our “belief” brought on the bad luck in the first place. From a metaphysical perspective “thought creates our reality” so if we think we are unlucky, we usually are.

Yet the fact is humanity has utilised good luck charms since time began. May be because we sense they hold energies that emanate positive vibes, forming a sort of Auric shield around us, both supporting and protecting us. From a Magical perspective we need to understand good luck talismans need a major component, our total faith that they work! But if you are really curious, look in any magical dictionary, as it will list the many good luck charms available to us, as well as folk remedies that are said to keep the “mean critters” away.

Various Good Luck Charms

Alligator teeth are known to ward off danger and some say thugs. Dolphin totems bring us joy. Images of Unicorns protect against nasty events! Images of deities get the “thumbs up” too. A picture of the Akhet, which represents the Egyptian Sun God Ra, defends against destructive people. Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess will help bring in the money. Hang a picture of her near your front door. Beautiful Venus will pull in your soul mate; a framed picture of the mythical goddess in the Fang Shui love area of your home will do wonders for your private life. Some swear by a gold or silver heart around their neck. As we know, the heart is the sustainer of life; it is where we store our deepest feelings. Therefore, it is a perfect love amulet and if we believe in it, we will attract a perfect soul mate. Of course a gold or silver cross-worn around the neck will more than lift up the spirits, it will make us feel blessed, as will the Star of David. Spiritual images of saints and enlightened individuals, like Mother Theresa, will create a hugely positive morphic field around us.

Positive Attitude

Remember that an open hearted, loving attitude to life will also draw to us the joy we desire. Thinking the best, helping people, being kind and giving will guarantee us a positive place in the universe. Remember a talisman will enhance what is already locked up deep within our souls. If we believe that we were born unlucky, it will be difficult for a good luck charm alone to alleviate this perspective. Self-awareness and a highly spiritual attitude will. Talk to a Psychic about feeling “unlucky in love”. Because she will assure you that with prayer and positive thoughts you can turn that belief system right around. If you so desire, she can also make a good luck charm for you to believe in. She will often fast for a day and say prayers to purify herself before she starts to send the amulet her positive vibes. Sometimes she will use particular phrases, or magical invocations. In any event, she will guide you to the right actions. Yet she will always tell you the best good luck charm is your firm belief in Spirit, the goodness of life and your own innate capacity to change bad to good. And to that end, we wish you the best of luck!