Free Psychic Chat


32128094cheapmoneyWhen you dial a number or text an empath for a free online psychic chat, you might want to ask them how on earth they can “tune into” you? Even though you know that psychics have a special, rather magical gift, you have often asked yourself whether you could have that gift too? And how do psychics actually answer you so accurately, and tell you so why your life is always going wrong even during a simple free online psychic chat?

Some empaths prefer not to reveal the methods they utilize to tune into you during a free online psychic chat, preferring to hold their “metaphysical cards” close to their chests, especially during a free online psychic chat. Others will not mind revealing at least some of their mysteries. One of those mysteries could be the great significance of a certain area of the human body, that area where you feel butterflies when you are nervous, that area that stretches from the naval to the diaphragm. This is the body part you cross your arms over when you feel vulnerable or cold, the area you are inclined to protect when you are being physically attacked.


The Solar Plexus


This zone is called the solar plexus and it includes vital organs such as the stomach, liver and spleen, as well as spreading out to cover our kidneys. It is a mass of nerve ganglion, and one of our more super-sensitive spots. But it is also a power house of paranormal perception, its capacities to “read” the invisible realities around it exceptional. It is as if the solar plexus emanates antenna that hone into anything once activated. This is the area psychics tune into during a free online psychic chat. Of course an empath tuning into a free online psychic chat will also hone into other dimensions, that are perhaps more metaphysical, but her first take will be to suss you out through that aforementioned nerve ganglion made of such hyper sensitive sensations.

To understand how the psychic works, try and imagine an invisible funnel spreading out from the solar plexus and then see it moving around into your auric field. Another symbolic picture could be of a branch with an eye on the end of it, and that eye “sees” or “senses” your vibrations, thought forms, colours and even life situations as the force of your aura, or the intense electromagnetic field that is your life force vibrates around you.

If you try tapping into the solar plexus area you will become more connected to it and could become ultra sensitive yourself. You will definitely start to “sense” what another is thinking, or even “feel” whether they are up to no good. You will certainly notice if something is not quite right, the moment you start sensibilizing the solar plexus, perhaps through meditation or creative visualization exercises. As you become more “aware” you will feel very tense in the stomach area when something is not quite right. Your mind might tell you “you are just being nervous”, but follow those “gut feelings”, for you are probably right in your assessment. You could even pick up images of the past and future if you collate the solar plexus to the throat chakra which is another super sensitive body zone that clairvoyants express “visions” through. They can “sense” and “see” you on a multi dimensional level through the chakra points, especially when they start up a free online psychic chat with you.

One could perceive the seven chakras, including the coccyx, lower back, stomach, (solar plexus) heart, throat, centre of the forehead and crown of the head areas as a fascinating conglomeration of highly perceptive tuning forks that emanate and receive energies. Most psychics have all their seven chakras activated, but they will usually centre on the solar plexus when they start a reading, whether it is a free online psychic chat, an email reading or a telephone call.

If you allow yourself to expand your own solar plexus area, you will find yourself becoming highly attuned to what is going on around you. Now that can’t be bad? And as you go for that free online psychic chat, you might find that you have a very powerful experience, as the psychic will tune into you far more strongly due to your own wonderful super-sensitivity!