Psychic and Mediums

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Psychics and mediums are the terms we use when describing gifted individuals who “perceive” “sense” and “intuit” other-worldly phenomena. Psychics are more inclined to “pick up” visions of past, present and future events, but the souls of loved ones are channelled by mediums. When both psychics and mediums become aware of their gifts, usually from an early age, their aim will be to help humanity. As they work for “the light” they do their very best to be of guidance to the frightened, perplexed or confused amongst us, and both psychics and mediums will give comfort when an individual experiences the loss of a loved one. Yet, both psychics and mediums alike will also connect to what we call ghosts, metaphysical phenomena that up to now have remained unexplained. They will comfort those sad “phantoms” by helping them understand it is time to move on from the earth plane!


From a spiritual perspective ghosts are indeed the souls of those who have passed on. They “prowl” their past residences, determined to bother folk who are living in what they perceive to be their “homes” Many of them do not know they are dead, or haunting anyone. The film “The Others” staring Nicole Kidman was a precise description of what happens to spirits when unaware they are no longer “of this world”. In the film Nicole is living in a large and isolated country house with her children, where the presence of strange beings, she perceives as “ghostly servants”, torment her and her family. She believes they are the ghosts, but it turns out she and her children are doing the haunting!

It is common for “ghosts” to perceive the living as “scary presences” who persecute them. It might take them some time to understand they have died, you see. Sometimes a medium will have to intervene to guide them to the light so that they can continue their evolution in the spiritual worlds that they are so afraid to enter. In fact both psychics and mediums are often called in to help sort out haunted houses and detox them from of times very perplexed ghosts.

Till only a short while ago, people who saw ghosts were perceived as deluded and panned by the sceptics. However, due to the advent of mobile and surveillance cameras, ghostly photos have been taken all around the world and scientists are now considering this concrete evidence very seriously. Paranormal TV reported a frightening haunting that took place in Colorado, a haunting that scientists have been investigating due to the authenticity of filmed evidence.

The alleged Ghosts of Colorado” manifested outside the home of Steven Lee and are particular striking on film footage, appearing as large “orbs” of fast moving lights. Mr. Lee was astounded by what he saw and wondered why such shocking orbs should be zig zagging madly across the camera lens in his front garden. Filmed evidence shows these “entities” were leaving trails in their wake, rather like comets. One especially large energy cluster was filmed INSIDE Steven Lee’s home, and it seemed to aim directly at the camera lens, as if it wanted to be photographed! Its origin and composition remain unexplained. Perhaps increasing scientific interest in the evidence will soon lead to answers.”

Paranormal Evidence

More and more paranormal substantiation is becoming “available” as studies demonstrate ghosts as “electromagnetic” entities existing outside normal “perception” range. Many of us are aware sheep dogs can hear the sounds of a special, high pitched “training whistle” that the human ear is unequipped to decipher. So in the event that our house is haunted we will call on the natural abilities of psychics and mediums to “understand” what we cannot. We accept the truth of their special “abilities” as we ask them to “speak” to the ghostly phenomena and guide back to “the light!” The truth of “the light” is all we have in these cases, and that metaphysical “truth” helps us give reasons to the extraordinary events that are currently occurring across the planet. We are certain these “events” will be explained by a new perception of reality, as the world draws closer to 2012!