Become A Psychic


Psychic Celebrities

We all know that actors love to visit psychics, but would you say that it is an actor’s interest to become psychic? Certainly some might say to become psychic could be a plus for an out of work thespian. An actor who had decided to become psychic might know “where and when” the next job was up, which would be encouraging when waiting for an agent to call. In fact, some people might think that to become psychic could weave a magical thread into an actor’s life and to become psychic could lend special insights to a performance. An actor could give more than a three dimensional performance as a result of his metaphysical gifts. Would you say that Ben Kingsley had learnt to become psychic when he portrayed Gandhi’s spirituality? Well probably he had not, but his ultra sensitivity certainly added to his performance and helped him win an Oscar for his interpretation.

Many actors have a spiritual streak even though they have not gone as far as to become psychic. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are both Scientologists, even though their faith has caused much derision. Tina Turner is a Buddhist and Mickey Spillane the author of many a hardboiled detective novel was a Jehovah’s Witness. Few people are aware that Michael Jackson had also become a Jehovah’s Witness when he recorded “Thriller”, but to become psychic, to actually reach out beyond a mainstream religious context might have worried actors like Ginger Rogers, Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Jimmy Stewart and Val Kilmer, who all joined fairly mainstream religious communities to define their spirituality.

Actors Superstitions

So, in synthesis, if you asked an actor whether he would want to become psychic, he might respond “not on your life” because it would make him edgy. Actors are super sensitive and terribly superstitious. For example, some say Shakespeare’s Macbeth is cursed and actors avoid saying its name, preferring to call it the “The Scottish Play”. No actor in his right mind, especially if he had become psychic, would quote lines from Macbeth. In fact if an actor accidentally mentioned the word Macbeth he would be asked to leave the building and spin around three times, as well as spit or curse before he is allowed to re- enter again. For an actor someone happily chortling “Good luck” before a first performance is next to horrific too. An actor would prefer to hear you curse or wish him bad luck and to save the day he could reply with a “break a leg” retort, rather than accept your appreciation.

Would it also surprise you to learn that most actors would not want to become psychic because they might be afraid of bumping into a theatrical ghost? In fact the custom is to close a theatre one night a week to allow the ghosts to have a field day performing their own plays! Other sources of thespian anxiety are real money on stage and whistling is absolutely forbidden on sets, stage props have been known to collapse on the heads of whistlers. T shirts worn at dress rehearsals are considered horrendous bad luck. Authentic jewellery on stage is a super “No-No”. Other super “No-No’s” are flowers before opening night and as for peacock feathers, please keep them away they are poison to an actor in any guise. Blue is so darned unlucky as is green and purple that a very sensitive actor might be inclined to call an exorcist to de-frag the bad energy they create in a theatre. In fact, it is fairly obvious that most actors would prefer to do anything other than become psychic as they would probably fear their ultra sensitivity would awaken a couple of stage ghosts and cause metaphysical havoc on a first night.

So as you will note, religious faith is a yes for actors, but to become psychic, now they would have to think twice about that! Hey, got your blue tea shirt out yet?