Best UK Psychics

7363820fortunecookieOur better, or best UK Psychics, or any Clairvoyant, Medium and Healer for that matter, will always clear their space before they set up their Metaphysical Launch Pad. The best UK Psychics know if we have just had a heavy-duty argument with the boyfriend and are feeling confused and hurt a touch of space clearing will definitely relieve our angst. Best UK Psychics also know that before they assist clients they need to be coming from the purest place possible. They open up their energy centres to help others; therefore space clearing is invaluable to their craft. The best UK Psychic would always sustain it is positive to live in a clean, clear surroundings to receive good energies, perhaps even fundamental to our inner harmony.

Preparing for a UK Psychic

Best UK Psychics would always advise that you create an upbeat energy in your home or office to encourage happiness, protection and tranquillity. The best UK Psychics would agree electromagnetic equipment like computers and televisions can destabilise the atmosphere, therefore every so often we really do need to re-establish that harmony again. Skew-whiff emotions don’t help either. Angry words imbue the environment with confusion. Depression seeps into walls sometimes and can make everyone sad. We all know how heavy-duty a room feels if someone has just argued in it. Simple tools to immediately jump-start a detox process for any milieu are candles. Coloured candles activate different positive energies. Green symbolizes prosperity and will attract the right people to your environment. For a more loving vibe burn a Pink candle and for peace a sky Blue candle will work miracles. When your boyfriend walks out and all you want to do is throw in the towel and climb Mount Everest, when you don’t even have the strength to walk up your driveway, lighting a Gold candle will definitely help fragile feelings mend. To ask for angelic intervention burn Jasmine incense saying a prayer and lighting a White candle; almost immediately you will sense delightful energy around you. Always meditate a minute or two before lighting your candles and imagine your serene environment luminous with clarity. Then visualise light and joy manifesting in your mind’s eye to add that special touch, when you light your chosen candle walk around your house saying a prayer of protection. Some people like to create their own prayers to protect their home, but a good one is as follows, “I claim a hedge of protection around myself and my family throughout this day and night. I ask angels to protect my house from any intrusion and to protect me and my family from any harmful physical actions or mental thoughts. I ask this in the name of the Light”


Music, bells and crystals are great cleansing vibrators too. A well-placed Quartz crystal, for example, imbued with positive energies is excellent for an office location. A blood stone crystal will cleanse and calm fraught nerves, great to have on one’s person during a meeting with a dissatisfied customer. Green aventurine brings good luck and fortune, super for the desk when signing contracts. A Garnet ring or a Garnet on the desk will give us courage and confidence, just right when we need to chat to the boss about a raise playing soft music as you visualise your home filled with happiness is a great way to start your day. Ringing a small hand bell in the corners of your home will debug them from oogly googlies or any excess dust.

Some Best UK Psychics go further and insist on spraying holy waters, others in calling in Feng Shui experts to totally revamp their environment. Whatever system we use we would be working in synchrony with what most Best UK Psychics believe, which is to remain serene, calm and diplomatic at home and work, it is always best to space clear on a regular basis. In fact, to maintain spiritual, mental and physical well being in this day and age, space clearing might need to be done on a weekly basis! Go on give it a go!