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72495952tarotreadingsMadame Lenormand

One might wonder if the most famous tarot card reader of all time, Madame Lenormand, would have joined in a free online tarot card readings project, if the wonders of the internet had been available in those good old days. Certainly Madame Lenormand was a legend in her own time. She used to read for Josephine when Napoleon was off doing his “war thing” or “not tonight Josephine thing!” Apparently she got her first pack of cards from the gypsies when she was a kid, and her own deck “Le Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand” became super fashionable in Europe when Jane Austin just began writing her romantic essays. Anyway, Madam “might” have joined the free online tarot card readings folk, perhaps sort of throw in her hand for fun, given the opportunity. or perhaps not! Madame Lenormand was not exactly appealing. We understand that those volunteering their free online tarot card readings today are a tad more spiritually evolved than Madame or at least have a minimum grasp of Public Relations.

Captain R H Gronow

A certain Captain R H Gronow visited Madam, and lived to tell the tale. “It was impossible for imagination to conceive a more hideous being. She looked like a monstrous toad, bloated and venomous. She had one wall-eye, but the other was a piercer. She wore a fur cap upon her head, from beneath which she glared out upon her horrified visitors. The walls of the room were covered with huge bats, nailed by their wings to the ceiling, stuffed owls, cabalistic signs, skeletons – in short, everything that was likely to impress a weak or superstitious mind. This malignant-looking crone had spread out before her several packs of cards, with all kinds of strange figures and ciphers depicted on them. Her first question, uttered in a deep voice, was whether you would have the grand or petit jeu, which was merely a matter of form. She then inquired your age, and what was the colour and the animal you preferred. Then came, in an authoritative voice, the word “Coupez”, repeated at intervals, till the requisite number of cards from the various packs were selected and placed in rows side by side”

With a report like that to contend with, free online tarot card readings are a welcome relief, it is true the more nervous amongst us, already perceive such readings as stressful, so imagine meeting the equivalent of Madame Lenormand in this day and age, she would probably be a sort of hell’s angel look alike, certainly not prone to giving out free online tarot card readings for sure.

Madame Lenormand is not the only celebrity who might have gone for free online tarot card readings. Mad scientists like Timothy Leary, the King of LSD in the sixties and Carl Gustav Jung the famous psychotherapist were into tarot. Timothy saw them as the evolving journey of the soul, Jung as important archetypes. And we are almost sure that Michael Jackson would have been into psychics, and those free online tarot card readings too. He was said to have told Rolling Stone Magazine “I have my own secret room, with a moving wall and mirrors, that’s where I talk to Lee. His is the voice I hear in there. I feel his presence so very close to me. Liberace is like my guardian angel. He’s even given me permission to record his theme song ‘I’ll Be seeing You’.”

Needless to say John Lennon would not have turned his nose up at free online tarot card readings either. He once said, “Spiritualism should interest everyone.” It is also said John liked to pop over to the odd sance and he had an in-depth fear of being assassinated long before that terrible event occurred, Needless to say, the aforementioned folks have a slight aura of “angst” around them. Let us assure you free online tarot card readings are blessings rather than curses, helping hands in times of need if you like, a positive and generous offer on the part of a psychic in any event. It is unlikely we will ever meet the Madame Lenormands of this world on screen, or at the other end of a phone line. Thanks be, you might say!