Psychic Booth


Those of us interested in paranormal phenomena are more than aware of that when we enter a Psychic Booth we might touch a magical moment when the psychic closes their eyes and enters into a state of trance, sometimes communicating visions, and messages from the “other side”. In other words, the psychic booth is a mystical place where we can commune with higher planes of consciousness. But any magical person, who uses a psychic booth to help another knows there are laws that they must abide by. They know that the psychic booth must not be utilised not as a way of gaining power over others, but rather communicating healing alternatives. In fact, if spirits talk through an empath she will be well aware how the forces of good and evil operate in the universe. Therefore, she will tread the path of self awareness, and understand her own “shadow”.

Magical folk are proficient in the “lores” of “White Magic” and how to use sacred symbols to enter a higher “state of consciousness”. These mystics will heal your life with their words, and sustain you, not only seeing into your future, but helping you correct negative perceptions and build into happy outcomes.

There are a few basic symbols that a metaphysical individual will know about to protect their journey into the Spirit World. One of them is the Spirit Bowl. The Spirit Bowl is symbolic of the Great Goddess and Her protective forces. The evolved psychic usually has a Spirit Bowl in her home, and she places requests for healing within it.

The Chalice or Sacred Cup is another traditional magical symbol connected to the wondrous healing powers of the Holy Grail, the ultimate icon of spiritual purity. The initiated psychic only has to vision the Grail in her mind’s eye, and she feels Spirit rise within her heart, guiding her to the best answers to your questions.

Some psychics see “The Sword” as a magical symbol, not one that fights and kills, but one that protects the soul from evil forces. The Sword cuts through illusion and the darker elements of reality and guides a psychic to seeing her faults, so she is able to channel information uncontaminated by her own ego.

Nanta bag

Sometimes a psychic will keep a “Nanta bag”. This bag has been used throughout the ages by folks practicing healing arts. It contains symbols of the purest magic. You can create one yourself. Just gather together representations of what is most sacred to your life, for example, a feather to depict your higher thoughts and help you soar in word and deed, a little twig symbolizing the sacred sword of protection. You could place in the bag a crystal to empower love, light and abundance. You could also put a conch shell in the bag, depicting the Sacred Bowl and the loving powers of the Goddess, or a thimble to call on Fairy Magic. Little candles could be placed in the bag to light your way and a tiny bit of salt to purify your path along it. Whatever you put in the “Nanta”, empower it with love and good intentions for humanity and know that you are protected and nothing can harm you when you call on the forces of the Light!

Channeling Spirit

If you really want to channel Spirit, realize that you will walk along a path of great power and it is important to keep your thoughts pure and act with the highest intentions in word and deed, if you wish that path to be a smooth one. Those who practice Black Magic are foolish for the “Lore” states that “kind is always repaid in kind”. Their curses and bad intentions will see their life blocked with obstacles, after those powerful spells have worn off. They will then yearn for the Light to guide their life again, but often it will be too late. The sad fact is that the fear and angst that results in such dire practices could stretch into future generations and have dire karmic consequences.

Any evolved psychic will therefore guide you along a healing way that could be compared to the art of a concert pianist, for a true empath translates exquisitely divine and invisible forces, just like a musician translates musical inspiration. In other words, she or he moves our hearts and lifts our perceptions, leading us to a greater understanding of the magic inherent in “all life”.