Psychic Networks

30332578jigsawpuzzleWhat is the meaning of psychic networks?

Maybe, we tune into one as we attempt to understand life when we feel deluded, and confused. Psychic networks give us another point of view, or further understanding of what we might be doing wrong, or right! However, if we really think about it, the wonders of 21st century communication never ceases to amaze. The fact that we can actually access psychic networks, or connect to an empath’s take on our problem through the internet, on the phone, even texting from a cell phone, is borderline miraculous!

But looking at psychic networks from a spiritual perspective is even more fascinating! The more “spiritually advanced” might state, “Psychic networks are simply energy waves integrating a huge quantum field of information?” But those of us who don’t really understand the esoteric might say, “Can we really access the metaphysical through a mere telephone call or computer?”

The phrase “We are All Connected” comes to mind here, for as we resonate with “universal love” its power becoming a super communicative force, its consciousness creating our lives and sustaining our dreams and visions, we transform. As the empath reads for us, perhaps through a psychic network, she accesses a loving force, and reaches out to help us overcome our fears, our doubts, our problems. She guides us to take time to enjoy life, instead of continually inundating ourselves with unrealistic and negative “expectations”. Her relationship with us is imbued with the strata of her own being and our evolving consciousness; she could make us feel cared for, better people, more joyful too. We could become kind hearted may be because we flower in the presence of a loving person. In fact, we could access a rapport with an awesome life force that might change us forever if we let it!

Quantum Science

Nobel Prize winning physicists are more than aware love consciousness transforms lives. Because to a quantum scientist “consciousness” is simply one universal possibility out of many, or the way a sacred force expresses itself. When we love with “consciousness”, we live profoundly. As we tune into that universal psychic network, as we stop to take a deep breath, perhaps meditating on a problem or overcoming a difficulty, we let go of negative beliefs. When we resonate with the “oneness” of love, we are actually relating to the “stuff” of the God, or tuning into a repertoire of sacred solutions available to us.

As we pay attention to the “unseen” component of psychic networks, we take a step back from our logical minds. We even realise an empath could guide us not only towards our higher selves, but to being “totally” in the now. We stand out of our own way for a while in other words, we stop trying to control. We open to an oft unused part of ourselves, our magical part, or angelic self.

As much as we deny the spiritual worlds, perhaps because we note lack of proof, or we prefer to pay lip service to left brain belief systems, we affect our own lives, health and realities. As we tune into psychic networks, as we pick up the phone and dial a number to connect to another reality, we are tuning into a “new” perception or facet of consciousness. Even if we wanted to ask an online empath simply to tell us whether our relationship will last or not, we are taking the metaphysical very, very seriously indeed. We are in short permitting its existence.

The fact is we can resonate with the universe through a non judgmental psychic network, a psychic network vibrating within the quantum field itself. We could become more and more of who we really are, as we open our minds and give ourselves permission to connect to vastly fascinating and mysterious levels of understanding. In short, we could create a force field of expanded perceptions and original solutions. As we call up psychic networks with confidence, we know, somehow, that what we become is essentially based on our belief systems. Now that is one peach of an issue for psychic networks to resolve. Here goes, dialling their number now!