What Is A Medium

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A medium’s greatest gift is the capacity to communicate with spirit worlds and enter into a conversation with a beloved one on the “other side”. Mediums fulfil our yearning for eternal life and help us overcome the tragic loss of our loved ones. We are obviously curious about their capacities therefore, so when we ask “What is a medium? we want real answers as to why certain individuals see and hear the “invisible” when we “seemingly” cannot, when we place that “What is a medium?'” question on the table in other words, we want proof that “out there”, in the stratospheres, there is a “heaven” where she will still love and think of us.

Bertha Harris

Bertha Harris rocked the metaphysical boat in “1930s England” and would have been more than able to answer the question “what is a medium?’ with aplomb. As one client wrote after an experience with Bertha, “My dead father returned, and was talking to me as intimately as in life. Full names, incidents, intimate things only applicable to me came in a quick flow” In fact, Bertha gave evidence of survival to thousands.

John Edwards

John Edwards is one of the more well known modern day mediums who could give a few interesting answers to that “”What is a medium?” question. In fact one could go so far as to say he demonstrates proof of an eternal existence on the “other side” over and over again. His TV show “Crossing Over” took America by storm and gives comfort to millions on a virtually daily basis.

But another concept of mediumship could be the natural evolution of the “Face of God”. Let us explain. According to scientists Newberg and Waldman we are continually moving beyond the reptilian brain located in the “amygdale” at the base of the back of our heads. The reptilian brain is a territorial marker channelling the “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” mentality.” In fact over activity of it literally shuts down the “consciousness, intuition and empathy” traits that a natural born medium possesses in such abundance. So when we ask “What is a medium?” we need to understand these amazing people could have an inborn capacity to bypass the “amygdale” and fully connect to the frontal lobe of the brain, where consciousness of the aforementioned “Face of God” force is situated. Some scientists refer to this area as the “new brain”, because it channels ever-evolving perceptions of existence. The sad fact is that most of us have an overactive reptilian brain, which makes us competitive and materialistic and the more stressed we become, the more incapable we are of experiencing philosophical values so vital to human happiness. Meditation, yoga, creative visualization are all techniques that strengthen the brain’s frontal lobe and give us the capacity to channel evolved energies.


One could say a new spirituality is emerging. We are becoming far more attuned to the higher consciousness that is part of human destiny. In fact, as we look around us we “sense” something exciting, inspiring and evolutionary is occurring, no matter how challenging life seems. So again, in answer to that “What is a medium?” question. Well, if a medium were to answer you directly she would say you have the capacity to “see” beyond what Eastern mysticism refers to as the “Maya”, or the Great Illusion. She would tell you that as western science evolves, we will translate reality far beyond “logical” perceptions. Perhaps when we ask “What is a medium?” therefore, our curiosity helps us delve deeper into life’s mysteries, to rise far above scepticism and travel the same evolved paths as great thinkers, artists, philosophers and spiritualists of our time, those who “know” life is far more eternal than we could ever deem possible!