Psychic Development

19172216learnBelieve it or not, psychic development has a lot to do with understanding the ethical aspects of soul evolution. Those interested in psychic development obviously want to learn techniques on how to function as an empath. In this process they might attend a college, or psychic development course. However, to enhance inherent gifts they will learn to access the highest levels of Spirit, which includes developing compassion and healing any negative inner attitudes.

Jill Kuykendall

Jill Kuykendall could be classified as a first class example of a highly gifted empath who is both caring and loving. She was once a registered physical therapist working within a mainly allopathic medical scenario, such as hospices and emergency wards. She physically helped people who had just been operated on, or had suffered severe accidents, lifting them from their beds, or massaging them. However, one day, she broke through her own mental perceptions and her life changed forever.

At the time she was working on an injured patient who was severely bed ridden. The patient was extremely distressed. Jill felt frustrated at the patient’s discomfort as she could do nothing more to help her. She need not have worried, she and her patient were about to experience an amazing paranormal incident. At first Jill was only slightly bothered when she realized that there was something unusual going on in the room. She felt energy and then saw “waves” of light shifting and transforming. But when that light merged into the stricken patient she was astounded. Within a minute or two there was a deep sigh and a sense of relief from the patient, who said “I think I can start to get better”. Jill said “I was seeing an aspect of this person’s life essence that had separated from them, a part of their soul if you like!” What she had seen would help Jill dedicate her life to a new career, a career revolving around “soul retrieval”. In Jill’s case, psychic development had occurred quite naturally, due to divine intervention, her belief system and love for humanity, and this kind of occurrence can easily occur when we tread the path of service.

Soul Retrieval

Interestingly, soul retrieval has always been a part of indigenous people’s perceptions. American Indians knew that when a person suffered severe loss or traumatic pain, they could split from their central soul core. In this day and age, the effects can be depression, an inability to move on from a shock or trauma and feeling disconnected from life as if we have lost something we can never get back. Perhaps we cannot let go of someone who has died, or we experience “holes” in our memory. However, as we learn to re-access our souls, psychic development becomes far more intense, for we overcome the damage and eventually understand a severe accident or shock has split us up into little pieces. We have become absent from who we truly are. Jill says “at the stage of trauma there is a shift in the energy state!” In fact, losing one’s soul can block the evolution of consciousness and we become “zombified”. “We fail to thrive” Jill says “there are perceptual challenges that block growth.”

As Jill works with soul retrieval, psychic development is automatic for both herself and the patient. Spiritual guides and angels connect to her, helping her to track down lost soul fragments and return them to an individual core. As Jill operates with her healing hologram, she pulls back “light” into the body. In her interview with the Conscious Media Network, Jill said “when you establish reconnection to the soul part, that soul part can begin to remember its source!” She claims that anyone can reconnect to their soul by going deep within and talking to their inner source of wisdom to ask for solutions. Jill says it is always important to foster our relationships with spirit helpers and guides. And as we learn about our own psychic development, we also learn that we can complete with our past and no longer split into little parts. In fact, one could say anyone who wants to heal will be naturally drawn to psychic development for it is a doorway through which the soul can, and will pass, the moment we make that choice!