Psychic College

30719534collegelaptopIs Psychic College Necessary?

Some empaths, clairvoyants and psychics claim that attending a psychic college is not really that necessary in the greater scheme of things, in fact some of the old school empaths and mediums believe that you either have the “gift” or you don’t and that attending a psychic college is fundamentally a waste of time. But modern metaphysical thinking is advancing in such “leaps and bounds” that nowadays keeping up with the latest paranormal developments through self education, or attendance at a psychic college, has become a virtual necessity for the modern day apprentice spiritualist, clairvoyant, card reader or healer. In fact becoming a professional psychic is much more acceptable these days than in the past, and many people who would never have admitted they had these gifts for fear of being looked down on, are now perfectly happy to admit that they can see the ghost of your Aunt Dolly standing right behind you. Some people believe we are all psychic to some degree or another and all we have to do is develop these skills. So if you have frequent “gut feelings” going to psychic college might make a lot of sense.

Quantum and String Theories

The fact is new scientific discoveries are digging deeper into Quantum and String theories, sacred geometry and numerology to explain the mysteries of the universe. The current metaphysical perspectives on reality have even acknowledged the ancient Mayan’s prediction that will lead us up to the infamous 2012 with all its paranormal connotations and mystical meaning. The esoteric titillates the curiosity of those who want to learn more when it comes to the paranormal.

University of Metaphysical Sciences

Perhaps as a consequence there are more and more psychic colleges to pick from worldwide. The online ones have become particularly sought after these days. One such psychic college is the University of Metaphysical Sciences, this is where you can actually acquire a Bachelors, Masters, and D.D: or PhD Degree in Metaphysics via distant learning, Internet downloads, or postal mail. The cost is low and there are payment plans that begin at a few dollars per month.

Institute of Psychic Development

Another psychic college of high repute also teaches on line. This psychic college is called the Institute of Psychic Development, and helps people develop their ESP abilities with confidence. In fact, this type of psychic college is suitable for the beginner who wants to delve deeper into their gifts. The online courses enable each individual to access various aspects of evolved mystical know how, and even telepathic powers though online coaching.

But returning to that “old school” point of view yet again. As we inferred above, many experienced psychics would say “yes, go to a psychic college, but realize that when it comes to spiritual matters, it is the soul that is the greatest teacher.” In other words if you really want to learn, trust that you will be lead exactly where you need to go, in fact life itself will present you with the right situations to heighten your psychic powers. They would also remind you that the two greatest psychics of all time i.e. Nostradamus and Joan of Arc never attended psychic college and again the age old argument of “either you have the gift or you don’t” is sustained. But the fact is psychic skills can indeed be developed, so if you have precognitive dreams, sense what other people are thinking, connect to your spirit guide on a daily basis and know when your best friend’s boy friend is going to call, you probably have the magical “gift” therefore a couple of terms at a psychic college would not go that amiss!