Tarot Card Reading Free

36946470gypsycarriageGypsy Reading Story

Hey my beauty, want a tarot card reading free? Hazel noticed the gypsy at the fair, she was sitting near a tree with a pair or archetypal gypsy hoop earrings, a couple of bandanas wrapped around her head and a wild look in her eyes.

Hazel was a risk taker, seriously ill with a life threatening disease.

Hey my beauty, the gypsy yelled again with a grin, “Want a tarot card reading free?” The words “want a tarot card reading free?” would never be forgotten as long as Hazel would live.

Hazel sat down in front of the gypsy, who was squatting on a blanket. It was four in the afternoon and people were having a good time. Even though the summer was not especially hot, little kids were still running around in their underpants.

The fair had been unexpected, there had been no advertising. Hazel had just wanted to walk in the shade to ponder on life that day, even to beg the illness to stop consuming her body, her trust in herself and everyone. The sunshine did nothing for her; it hurt her head, the crowds upset her. She had been thinking about going home, until she heard that call, “Hey want a tarot card reading free?” She did not really want a tarot reading even if it was free, but she was falling to pieces and could not see anything good about life, perhaps the gypsy could help her? Perhaps a reading from that odd woman could cheer her up, she had nothing to lose?

Now Hazel had never been a logical person, she had been into bungee jumping and riding a motorbike at ridiculously high speeds. She shrugged, “Okay, so what!” She moved towards the gypsy. The gypsy grinned and patted the grass. Hazel sat down, noticing that the Romany was beautiful, her face shining and oval, her hair long, curly and light brown, it mesmerized her with its bright shine. But it was her eyes, they had such a strange glint in them and they were huge and deep violet, a violet Hazel had never seen before.

The gypsy smiled, her voice was sweet. “So glad you took up the offer my beauty. After all, how often could you be offered a tarot card reading free?” As the gypsy unpacked the cards wrapped up in a red velvet cloth woven with gold and spread them face down on the grass, Hazel felt a strange quiver run up and down her spine.


Ever heard of the Lords of Karma the gypsy giggled.

No, Hazel felt that she was touching something so astounding, tears came to her eyes.

Your Lords of Karma have been working hard for you my beauty.

The gypsy picked up the cards, looked at them shook her head and then threw them in the air. They whirled around, landed with what sounded like a thump, subsequently placing themselves in a perfect Celtic Cross with a will of their own.

By this time Hazel was feeling more than strange, she was feeling demented. A tingle was running up and down her spine, she was shaking inside and the tremors seemed to lift her up to another dimension where everything was peaceful and light filled. She saw a pink aura around the gypsy’s head. How could this be?

The gypsy giggled again, “Glad you took up the opportunity of this tarot card reading free my beauty! I am delighted I could convince you. Because we have been hearing your requests and now can tell you that your wish for another chance will be granted by the Lords of Karma!!

Hazel thought she was dreaming as a radiant warmth moved into her heart. It seemed to be forming modules that twisted into her damaged tissues, cleaning them, healing them from the inside out. There was so much light pouring through her she knew that nothing cruel could ever touch her again. The fear of death was gone.

She shut her eyes; she saw a vision of herself helping others, giving away her outgrown clothes, using healing abilities to help a friend, getting some money together to feed a homeless family. The words “want a tarot card reading free?” returned into her conscious mind. She opened her eyes, there was nobody there. She asked some kids and a couple of stall owners if they had seen the gypsy, but they looked at her blankly as if she was totally insane. Her head spun, she staggered home sobbing.

When she had her monthly med tests done, the doctors shook their heads and told her that for reasons they could not explain she was in complete remission. She was no longer in danger, her life would heal.

Hazel married a year later and now is the mother of three beautiful boys. She has dedicates her free time to helping the homeless.

This story is true, with a few alternations to protect anonymity.