Psychic Ability

19107244charitySpiritual Protection

Anyone with psychic ability will tell you that in order to practice as an empath, safeguards are essential. Spiritual protection heightens discernment and awareness with affirmative energies you see. Psychic ability is a special gift, one of insightful vision that grows stronger with positive thought, word and deed. Those with metaphysical talent are usually advised to refrain from dwelling on negative news to protect their auric fields and heighten their sensitivity. If we allow ourselves to be influenced by downbeat events that go on around us we could be overwhelmed, or lose our faith and link with the divine. So to strengthen our psychic ability we cultivate an upbeat, compassionate approach to life!

Of course, those with psychic ability will carry out normal protective practices like having a sea salt bath after a hard day, or spraying chamomile aromatherapy oil on their pillow to relax the central nervous system. They will also be aware that strengthening energy fields and remaining clear of unconstructive mind sets is a must. They know that harmony is found in the good all around us, so taking heed of Positive News is always fundamental.

UK Community Service Volunteers Organization

Joining in good hearted actions will not only energize others but help us grow in human stature Those who join the UK Community Service Volunteers Organization, for example, are a case in point. These folks are such fun to get involved with. In fact, they usually plan a special day on 31st October that they call the “Make a Difference Day!” Those of spiritual talent love to pick up these opportunities to contribute something to their community. The aforementioned Organization suggests the following actions be taken on “Make a Difference Day”:

* Give out cakes in a shopping centre ‘street stunt’.

* Organize a mass street litter and graffiti cleanup session.

* Visit a nursing home and give presents to residents who never get visits.

* Share a smile and have proper conversations, as a way to give support.

* Organise an event to pass on a skill to a different generation.

* Volunteer for half-a-day in residential care, a hospital, school or homeless centre.

* Turn a local piece of wasteland into a community garden.

Human Development

We all know that “giving” is the key to human development. Those with spiritual values, and psychic ability will want to use their love and skills to play a part in creating beautiful environments, for example with free healing sessions for senior citizens, or a little tent at the fair ground to gift upbeat, fun tarot readings to charity. The fact is when we refuse to play into “negatives” we boost our energy field, which in turn magnetizes positive results and events into our lives. Spiritualists have always been aware of this truth. So you will find many empaths, healers and sensitives with psychic ability contributing “incognito” to their community or healing projects. But even if you do not have psychic ability yourself you will realize that “giving” can heal and strengthen your life and purpose.

As you emanate warmth, understanding, consideration, empathy, you enter an evolved energy circuit those with psychic ability tune into, a frequency that strengthens a spiritually vibrant and giving soul. Love of Spirit supports those who improve the lives of others; this is what true metaphysics is all about – evolution and expansion of the positive over the negative! Giving without expectation of return, understanding without being understood follows the compassionate philosophy of Saint Francis, who gave his life to unconditional love and his adoration of the animal world. So as we let go of disappointment, sadness and depression the darker elements of life can no longer have power over us. It is that simple, we will be free!