Spiritual Readers

36968008vesuviusSo what is really going on, not only in our own lives, but in the world? An ever increasing percentage of us wonder about the rise in earthquakes, monetary catastrophes and a general sense that “we are standing on the edge of something, we are scared of and cannot understand”. We try to avoid facing these issues, and think positive, but at times we are overwhelmed by angst and insecurity.

Spiritual readers would not be surprised by the theories of Michael Wynn the young director of “Hollywood Insiders”, “Dark Stars”, and “Magick and the Matrix”. He has also has created an important video series on the darker side of the metaphysical and the way he perceives it “mind controls” us.

Michael Wynn

Michael would agree that some of us are subconsciously aware that we are going through an immense global transformation and changes to our perceptions. In fact, spiritual readers are not surprised to see an increase in personal awakenings when it comes to our lifestyles. Yet some spiritual readers also know that notwithstanding the current crisis, humanity is still seeking to evolve in the good and reach out to positive change, no matter the blatant evil that seems to be unleashing in our world.

Michael Wynn was interviewed by Red Ice Radio and his take was that we need to wake up and take charge of a dark reality being hidden from us. He affirmed that the negative manifestations going on in the world at present can actually be subscribed to evil folks who actively conjure up demons such as Nyarlathotep or Asmodeus through the power of Enochian magic and the necronomicon connection. Michael bases his hypothesis on the consistency of ancient magical treatise throughout the ages. He also tells us that the “darker” world “mirrors” our reality in the negative.

Radio Interview

Michael affirmed on Red Ice Radio, that secrecy is the tool of those who hide in the shadows, with negative ideas in their heads. He believes, with David Icke, that folks like the Illuminati have black agendas that they manifest with magical abilities. In other words they have nasty projects for humanity. Michael claims “they only follow the “left hand path” because they are not here to bring light to the world, but to take it over with chaos and conquest.”

Some might say that the dark side is irrelevant, that the light wins over all things. Spiritual readers would agree with this perception, yet still advise us to remain connected to positive thoughts and angels that counteract the evil in the world and protect us from it, like Archangel Michael.

They also advise us to be aware that those folks who prefer to travel to dark dimensions care not a jot for humanity but only for power and money. Yet one could say that many of these “Black Magic” ideas are nonsense. That those who only see good in the world get good back.

One thing is clear, the more aware we become, the more we give, the more we love, the more we care for our fellow man, the less those supposed “Dark Forces” can access our consciousness, that is if we believe in them in the first place!

Belief systems are our benchmark. So let us walk away from a belief in darkness, for perhaps only then will we be free of a fear that could control us all if we let it!