Clairvoyant Scam

30906312handcuffsA scam, is a scam, is a scam and not that funny if you have been the butt of one. You believed the guy from that foreign organization. But he stole your identity after sending you an unsolicited email from “Benghestan” announcing that you were the lucky winner of a huge lottery payout. You trusted the guy you met on the online Dating Service. You “chatted” for months, he declared his undying love and then vaporised into thin air, after taking your money to pay for his “mother’s operation”. You were enthused by the offer of a “work at home job”. You thought it would be fun making extra money stuffing envelopes. After all you only had to pay a small deposit for a start up kit that never arrived. The Clairvoyant Scam started with a friendly email offering a lucky charm. The Super Psychic also declared she had quick solutions, promising “amazing” results. She announced kings, queens and celebrities, with attached references and back up data, had acclaimed her. You were gutted when after sending money for an in-depth love prediction you never heard from her again. You should have been aware that she was operating without the back up of a reputable company like Russell Grant, who vet their psychics, healers and mediums as genuine, but you weren’t!

Perhaps the clairvoyant scam is the hardest to deal with, because every time you ask counsel from an intuitive you are bearing your soul. Such betrayal of trust can be devastating. But rest assured any person who engages in a Clairvoyant Scam will inevitably pay a price. The scam psychic herself could have a run of bad luck, be threatened, cursed or hindered. She could be tortured by guilt, and have few inner resources left to support her downward spiral. Whatever money she earns from her Clairvoyant Scam would be dissipated by her own bad habits. You see there is something called the Universal Law of cause and effect, commonly known as Karma. Universal Law surveys the actions of humanity with equanimity; sometimes standing by as the worst kind of atrocities are dealt out to seemingly harmless people. Yet Universal Law possesses infinite patience. It can wait hundreds of years before it strikes out for justice, but strike it will. If you have knowingly, and the word “knowingly” is very important here, hurt, bullied or abused others through a Clairvoyant Scam, or any kind of action that causes untold misery, be sure that there will be an inevitable result, and it will be one of cause and effect. There are no organizational hitches when it comes to Universal Law’s relentless edicts, which are neither corrupt nor corruptible. You see they pay no heed to social, economic or cultural standing; you are earmarked if you have grievously hurt another, it is as simple as that and a mighty becausemic meat axe will inevitably fall on your head and the heads of kings, queens, and princes and corrupt governments alike. However, realise the axe will always fall with love because Universal Law balances the scales, making sure you understand that being nasty will get you nowhere.

You can only stop Universal Law’s uncompromising claims for justice if you dedicate your life to love, tolerance, forgiveness and compassion for others. The past mistakes you made will have less comeback and you will realise it was not Universal Law that judged you harshly it was you all along! You have come to earth to learn, and until you identify your mistakes, the inexorable play-out of cause and effect will make sure you continue learning. So the Clairvoyant Scam might hurt you in the short term but in the longer term, the scammer will suffer far more. We often feel we have been treated unfairly and that we are life’s victims? But it might be that we are simply learning a Universal directive. Most Universal directives state that love is the only power that counts in the greater scheme of things. So next time you hear of a Clairvoyant Scam, say a prayer because you can be sure that the person on the receiving end will suffer less than the one “dishing out the dirt”. A true Clairvoyant will advise with a wise perception of universal truth, she will operate with dedicated love for her clients, she will sustain with infinite patience. She will understand your pain, and support you with gentle guidance. Her fee will be just; her recommendations will help your life not hinder it. She is following the one and only commandment decreed by Universal Law, and it is the one of Universal Love. A Clairvoyant Scam is alien to her nature. So do not lose your trust in humanity because of a few, remember the many, or can we call them the “meek” who will inevitably inherit the earth!