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This story is eerie, so folks fasten your seat belts. In fact this story was the buzz of psychic chat rooms at the time, and many diverse chat rooms for that matter, with more than 12 million hits. The strange events that happened “on line” in 2001 were all about a man called John Titor who suddenly appeared on a public forum, saying “Hi I am time traveller I want to talk to you, if you have any questions please let me know.” He then stated that he had come to visit us from the year 2036

John Titor

He posted photos of his time machine and an operations manual. People began questioning his motives, and he became the buzz of the moment in US psychic chat rooms, and had many folks in the USA glued to his forum and odd declarations. He started hitting the airwaves big time in other words. He spent only a brief time on line however and as US psychic chat rooms got caught up in the controversy, the “John Titor Craze” began. His statements managed to press people’s buttons, and even frighten them. He was indeed gripping the imagination of the folks he talked to on line. On March 21 2001 John said he would leave our time zone, and indeed he was never heard of again

John described 2036 as a difficult time with the world recovering from a devastating third world war. John saw present day humanity rather negatively though. He announced “perhaps I should let you into a secret. You are all very lazy sheep, who do not want to transform your consciousness!”

According to John the idea of multiple dimensions explains our universe. He described time travel as like being in a room with mirrors on both walls. When you turn and look at one, you see an infinite reflection of yourself in the others. The way you travelled through time according to John was through these never ending reflections. And each reflection was separate from the other. John described his machine as the size of a large suitcase empowered by the use of “black hole” energy.


One of his first predictions was that CERN would announce they had the technology to build a time machine. Since John would leave our time zone in 2001, and a few months later CERN did actually say current technology would make the concept of time travel possible, one must indeed wonder! John also said civil rights in the US could be eroded and shortly after that statement, the controversial US Patriot Act was created. John also saw a US revolution and when that occurred world affairs would take a downward spiral. Many of his predictions were documented. He even saw a couple of sky scrapers in New York were missing and that 2012 would be a unique period but he did not state in detail what would happen. He talked about a future president of the US as being “Lincoln like”, and we all know Obama is a great fan of Abraham Lincoln! Yet he also stated that notwithstanding the Lincoln style presidency, things would fall apart in the US! He mentioned future instability would be due to wavering western policy, and that a nuclear war would target large cities in 2015.Obviously John felt very out of place in our current time zone.

John talked about psychics being connected to variants of multi dimensions, as per the mirror effect. Of course psychic chat rooms in the US continued to remain interested in his news and intriguing persona. Some people even thought John might have been a remote viewer, or a psychic from our time. Psychic chat rooms suggested he was an empath on a practical joke mission. There are still mixed views as to whether he was really a time traveller, or rather someone bamboozling the world. He certainly was able to see into the future and knew a lot about computers, plus time travel as a technology.

John did mention something positive though. He said that humanity had the power to change the future but his consistent theory was that we all needed to “wakeup” and take spirituality far more seriously. Whoever John was, he caught public imagination and came a focal discussion point in psychic chat rooms, and other chat rooms on line all over the USA, and the world. In fact he had many people pinned to their computers.

If he was not a fake we have a lot to think about and still discuss in our Psychic chat rooms. In fact, it would indeed be interesting to hear psychics’ views on the multiple nature of the universe as seen by time traveller and human rebus, the enigmatic Mr John Titor.