19089077eyeswideReadings can be psychic or medianic clairvoyant or empathic. However, what we see, feel and experience is guided by our belief systems. So if we do not believe miracles happen, or that we could never really see into our future through psychic readings, metaphysical surprises will be hard pressed to put in an appearance. Try considering that everything in our universe is about learning to understand our personal reality, and readings could attract miraculous insights into our life. So let us list a few.

The Four Miracles of Readings

1. The first miracle of readings, is realizing we are close minded to miracles! We need evidence, unaware that powerful and invisible forces are staring us in the face on a daily basis. Every day we are inundated by invisible radio waves, television waves and yet our level of awareness is only about 10 percent regarding what is really going on around us. So when we go for readings, we really must try not to be shocked when an empath pinpoints a problem immediately. We need to allow her to see what we cannot see ourselves.

2. The second miracle is unveiling knowledge. If we can learn that we form part of a super organism called humanity that might be a start! Our intrinsic nature is based on fractal geometry which has nothing to do with what we learned in school. Fractal geometry proves that we are repeating entities with self similar functions that occur over and over again. Therefore cells, civilizations people, trees, flowers are all repetitive miracles. The human body itself is made up of 50 trillion cells. If we are able to look at the similarity of cells and the fact that they are individual sentient beings who can exist independently in laboratory conditions, the second miracle becomes easier to access and we become a little more open to learning about the wonders of the mystical.

3. The third miracle is love. Readings and miracles cannot happen without that component. When we go for simple psychic or empathic readings, are we really aware that love can strip us of our veneer? True love is about balance not fantasy. We express ourselves in our friendships, our love stories, our marriages when we are true to ourselves and stop dreaming of the impossible! Psychic readings will address what holds us back from love, even help us access more facts about the relationships in our lives. Readings can guide us deep into our hearts, as well as pinpoint what we are doing to draw in good or bad love stories, helping us assess those negative tendencies more easily. The miracle is to realise that soul mates are already around us. As we recognize the friendships, the people in our lives, with whom we have powerful and positive connections, we also realise that the true love we seek is easier to find if we look at our existence with acceptance and gratitude. Now that is a miracle in itself!

4. The last and fourth miracle of all readings is celebration! The empath helps us realize we have so much to celebrate. She will motivate our growth in other words. As we stop beating ourselves up, as we stop trying to change what is already perfect, as we let go of our fantasies and see the wonderful truth of who we are throwing a party might be in order! In fact, Readings can sometimes shake us up; help us realize that anything other than love is an illusion. So button down the hatches and wait for those miracles to touch your life, you might be surprised.