Good Psychics


82557568thumbsupGood psychics are not just metaphysical folk who read our auras and tell our fortunes, but knowledgeable people who have studied their craft and are well informed on the origins of spirituality and the paranormal. However, the best readers and good psychics still pay lip service to the past teachings of famous metaphysical scholars who have now left a vast inheritance of spiritual know-how that still helps the good psychics to become even better.


Dion Fortune


These select metaphysical leaders include the astounding Dion Fortune. Her birth name was Violet Mary Firth and she was born in Llandudno North Wales on the 6 December 1890. She was a highly gifted medium, even as a little girl, and without doubt one of the first pioneers of metaphysical thought.

Her specialty was Ceremonial Magic. In fact, she spent her life searching in-depth for mystical answers to existence and as a result joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, it was however, only in the Alpha et Omega Magical Lodge that she expanded her “knowing and wisdom” touched excellence and changed her name to Dion Fortune.

As she evolved she gathered together her own, that she called the Fraternity of Inner Light and in 1924 an Outer Order of the Golden Dawn was formed. In that process she wrote books that have served the spiritual community well. To name a few: The Machinery of the Mind, Through the Gates of Death, The Mystical Kabbalah, Practical Occultism Today and one of her most popular Psychic Self Defence, which has become a sort of “bible” to all those working in the metaphysical fields. She realized that there were multifaceted divine energies that either worked against or with humanity, and she tried to define them clearly so that good psychics and healers could protect themselves against the gravity of psychic attack.

She left this world after dying of Leukaemia in 1946 but her Inner Light fraternity still unites to this day, and maintains the high humanistic principals she sought to achieve in her search for spiritual truth and metaphysical knowing.


Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


The best mediums, as well as good psychics, would confirm another “great” occult teacher was the famed Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, born in Russia, a “one off” and prone to “living high on the hog”. In fact, even though she lived life to the hilt – she married twice, was said to have enjoyed extra marital affairs and became pregnant with a deformed child – her undeniable mental and psychic gifts astounded 19th century New Yorkers! She was said to levitate and use telepathy and clairaudient skills with breath taking excellence. One of her skills was materializing objects out of thin air, rather like the famed Sai Baba does these days.

She moved to Bombay in 1879 and formed the international and now renowned Theosophical Society, in Madras. Her books include Isis Unveiled, The Secret Doctrine, The Voice of Silence and The Key to Theosophy. She died on 8 May 1891. The last words she uttered on her dead bed were “Keep the Link unbroken! Do not let my last incarnation be a failure!” Her ashes were scattered in the River Ganges.

Metaphysical folk still respect these two paradigms of metaphysical virtue as being 20th century keys to occultism, magic and mystery. It is rare to talk to a psychic who has no knowledge of their contribution to paranormal knowledge. They were the “cream of the psychic crop” of their time and have helped many change their perceptions of reality and open their minds. A rare achievement indeed!