Fortune Telling For Free

24233285earthglassYou have been feeling so darn rough lately; you have been addicted to fortune telling for free sites. Fortune telling for free sites are coming out of your ears. But the more you get into them, the worse it gets. You visualize fortune telling for free sites in your dreams, tarot cards twirl around you. Crystal balls answer you back. You feel like some creepy Alice in Wonderland forced to reach for the Creme De Menthe. You still wonder if the fortune telling for free site you recently logged into was right when it saw doom and gloom. The tarot cards depicted one problem after another, no matter what your friend says you cannot see the positivity in that! You log onto another fortune telling for free site just to be sure, and I Ching tells you to expect a “Darkening of the Light”. You gaze into nothingness worried in case you are losing it. It gets worse. You start bursting into tears for no reason; your favourite celebrities sicken you. The ice cream you ate gallons of to get over “wobbly” moments tastes rubbish, and you want to walk away from your job, your relationship and live in a cave on top of a Nepalese mountain? When your mum calls and your friends email you don’t answer. You have started to realize that there is more to life than just commuting, paying bills and getting hassled by colleagues and financial problems. Do not worry; if you feel so bad, these are mere symptoms of the ascending process!

Let us explain, many of us are born into this world totally unaware that we have come here for reason, which is to remember that we are souls evolving through time and space. We are programmed by education, social mores, and others’ expectations of us, achievement addictions and the constant stress of trying to “do” better. We find ourselves living in houses we don’t want to live in, having relationships that go into malfunction, and doing jobs we are totally unsuited for; it is as if something larger than our free will is controlling us. We feel stuck in a rut, and are certain we will never be able to get out of it. But then, without warning, Spirit knocks on our door. May be a friend of ours read The Secret and leant us her copy, or we saw a great film that inspired us, heard some music that moved us, want to do something about the suffering on this planet. We cannot explain it, but the expectations, the ambitions, the fact that we have a Greek nose rather than a snub one seem less important to us. We still log into fortune telling for free sites, but to no avail: real answers do not come! We start seeking, perhaps an enlightened master, tarot reader or spiritual sage who will help us fill in the gaps and teach us some interesting lessons. After talking to an on line spiritual counsellor we learn that we have the power to change our destiny. We learn to connect to Spirit through meditation or simply thinking of the beauty of life. We learn that all the parts we play are not the real “us” just interpretations, yet like a bad actor we believe in the melodrama. We start to realise that those who press our buttons are teaching us something we are afraid to look at. We cotton on that it is time to drop the pain and start living joyfully. And as we enter our new era, we join a vanguard of similar folks who no longer wish to be conditioned by a crumbling political structure and a cracked financial system. Finally we realize we can evolve, change, help those who suffer and become the light filled beings we were always meant to be. As we realize these truths, we attempt just one more Fortune Telling for Free Site, the cards have changed to positive, the crystal ball no longer talks back, I Ching go into malfunction and something within us shifts. We feel a light fill our hearts, suddenly we are happy without any reason! Yes we are ascending, ascending into our own light at last!