Tarot Card Meanings

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Those of us who utilize our own cards may have scouted around New Age outlets looking for an alternative to mainstream cards, perhaps wanting to expand our understanding of the tarot card meanings with a contemporary symbolism that enhances our lives. Yet how fascinating the symbolism of tarot card meanings actually is. Too many, picking out a tarot pack is like walking into a labyrinth of multiple choices, Many metaphysical artists are producing exciting, new packs that are based on evolutionary principles of metaphysics, the choice is infinite. In fact, much has changed since the 1970s when the Rider Waite pack was the most popular. New packs have been created, for example The Phoenix, Cat People and the Marseilles have become popular with tarot card readers. But we are even more fascinated by the newer tarot card meanings that are providing the reader with astonishing insights.

Various Tarot Decks

Consciousness is evolving worldwide, influenced by recent worldwide events and the Mayan predictions leading up to 2012. The more “sensitive” are beginning to experience metaphysics in an innovative way and are reading different symbolisms into the tarot card meanings. In fact, in some of the latest decks the tarot card meanings have morphed. The more novel decks are not only stunningly beautiful but integrate American Indian or Celtic Shamanism into the 22 major Arcane, thus taking us on a magical mystery tour of metaphysical delights and innovative perceptions!

One such fascinating pack is the Shape shifter Tarot with illustrations by the gifted visionary artist Lisa Hunt. It is a pack for those who love the “unusual”. An evolution of paranormal vision in other words. It fully integrates the blurb on the back cover which refers to “using the eyes of a hawk for insights that transcend time and space!” In fact the Shape shifter Tarot connects to the symbolism of animal totems with American Indian panache.

As claimed by the publishers this is a book that will guide you through magical Celtic symbolism to a mysterious altered reality, helping access a “spirit language” that describes a mesmeric and magical awareness. What is so great about the tarot card meanings of this deck is that they are simply interpreted, even for a beginner. The layouts are basic, yet full of intense imagery. Once you connect to these unusual tarot and the meanings themselves, you feel you have entered an astonishing world where anything magical can happen!

Card Uses

We can use these cards to interpret dreams, and visions, to work magical spells “such as candle burning”, to start off a project, relationship or access more self understanding. We can choose a card that represents the goal we desire and place it in an appropriate space with a coloured candle, for example a yellow or gold candle for finances and green for love. This simple action keeps us focused on our aims and we subsequently manifest our dream.

The Shape shifter Tarot philosophy is that energy is “one” that nothing ever dies, but simply changes form. If we meditate before we read the cards and shape shift into a diverse form, perhaps becoming Merlin, or one of the more beautiful enchantresses or wise women depicted in the pack itself, we emanate the energy of the card we have chosen and shape shift our consciousness, until our readings become deep and perceptive.

These tarot card meanings depict the Death Card as Rebirth. A beautiful woman is holding a cup, with streams of water flowing over her hand. Rebirth signifies we are transforming our consciousness, transmigrating awareness and going beyond social and personal conditioning. It is classified as the most powerful and magical card in the deck.

These breathtaking tarot card meanings help evolve our consciousness, till we realize that we are indeed heading towards a clearer definition of 21st century metaphysics and that change is the key when it comes to tarot card meanings. A brilliant, fantastic change!