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Anyone who works on psychic hotlines has a profound approach to spirituality. In fact, psychic hotlines are frequently populated by evolved souls carrying out their mission. Many of the empaths reading on psychic hotlines believe they have incarnated many times on this planet before. But do we believe in their same spiritual mores? Could we ever believe in reincarnation in the same way as the spiritual counsellors who read our auras on psychic hotlines?

Nowadays there are number of groups who are looking at reincarnation close up, with psychic input or past life regression. Some might dial the number of psychic hotlines to see whether an empath can pick up a past life through their auric field also. Psychics might label their visions of an incarnation, for example “the reincarnation of a Roman soldier”, or “Egyptian priest” etc. Yet, in order to truly understand past lives, or the possibility of reincarnation, there needs to an evolution of the soul and this is usually worked out through Karma, i.e. the past cause creates the future effect, which is then integrated into our personal experience life? In short, we need to understand how the fall out of actions in a past life are playing out in this one.

True Stories

In 1952, Ruth Simmons from Colorado, USA, was hypnotically regressed “back in time” beyond the date of her birth. Suddenly she started to talk using a specific Irish accent, claiming that her name was Bridey Murphy and that she lived in Ireland in the year 1890. The few details she produced seemed to describe accurately the Irish society of the late 19th century. Modern day psychology cannot explain this sort of experience, nor can eastern philosophy which presents reincarnation as a fact. But interestingly, some of today’s children have an awesome inborn “knowledge” of spirituality, a wisdom which is quite inexplicable and could only be a legacy of past lives. Their children have also been called Crystal Children, Indigo Children and their build up of spiritual knowledge can be extraordinary especially since it is quite natural, and bears no connection to mainstream education.

Two small Indian girls Swarnlata and Shanti Devi claimed they had lived previous lives as wives and mothers of two children, in a distant village. They mentioned very detailed facts about their previous lives that have been verified by investigators. Another case was that of Lurancy Vennum, who was only one-year-old when she began to display the personality of a Mary Roff who had lived before her birth and died. This situation lasted several months, with Mary Roff claiming to have occupied the body of the little girl one could classify this was more like spiritual “possession” with overlays of a past life. The fact is the occurrence was and remains inexplicable but one could say that the human race evolves through past life experience, that usually remain hidden in the subconscious.


We usually find it impossible to remember our childhood, birth, or intrauterine experience, but we do know that these events happened. So past life memory can be blocked, unless something is triggered, like a memory surfacing suddenly, or a vivid experience during a past life regression. We could even connect to a vision of a past life through an empath on basic psychic hotlines. In fact, we can utilise these psychic hotlines to continue our voyage of self discovery and as a result, learn to look at ourselves in a different way! So if you have suspicions about certain aspects of your life, or you have constant memories of past times, an inner exploration could be the next thing on your list of things to do!