Best Mediums

1369982graveyardThe best mediums are miracles in human form, as they connect to the Universal and the multifaceted strata of the Divine. Not only do they communicate with those who have passed on but healing Spirits who are no longer in their physical bodies. The best mediums have the faith to pass on what they are given by Spirit without self doubt, they surrender utterly. If they were to question their gift they would probably be unable to channel it at all.

Joao de Deus

One of the best mediums in the world today is Joao de Deus, (John of God). He is one of the best mediums for want of better words because his phenomenal gifts attract thousands of people from all over the world, and “best medium” seems insufficient to describe him. Josie Ravenwing, a Shamanic Practitioner and author of “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus” talks about his healing centre in Brazil, where she sustains “the spirit world touches the human world, for the purposes of healing and renewal of faith”.

Josie first went to Brazil in 1998. “I went with the goal of spending time with John of God, known by some as the “miracle man”. This journey was a logical step on my path of spiritual training, which has been ongoing for several decades.” Indeed, Josie was high on the best mediums’ category herself. She had worked with shamans and spiritual teachers for many years. She had even experienced challenging spiritual initiations, yet still felt as if, “I was preparing to enter some new level or realm of experience, but I had no idea how it would manifest!”

Josie says, “during the two weeks before getting on the airplane, I began having unusual but consistent experiences every time I thought about being at Joao’s healing centre. I would suddenly begin to feel a hum or pulse of energy that would draw me into a deep meditative state. It wasn’t until my arrival at the Casa de Dom Inacio, Joao’s healing centre that I would actually be able to identify the source of this energy.” She continues, ” I saw a man making his way through the crowd – which seemed to part before him. He was around six feet tall, of average build, with slightly long black hair and fair skin. I immediately recognized him from photos in the article I had read and I realized he was headed toward me. Joao de Deus gently took my hand while looking into my eyes, smiled, and welcomed me to the Casa de Dom Inacio. It was only later when I observed Joao entering his healing trance state that I realized the energy came not from him, but from the healing entities that worked through him.” In fact the best mediums have a capacity to bring through into physical reality very powerful spiritual forces that shift consciousness, healing tumours and severely disturbed mental states.

Josie described how John of God, truly one of the best mediums in the world, met his first patient, an elderly man seated in a chair. “Joao, in trance, took a kitchen paring knife from one of the trays, pulled open the man’s eyelid, and began to scrape away on his eye – forcefully enough that I could see the pressure from some feet away. Bits of tissue were periodically flicked off the end of the knife. The medium then repeated the procedure on the man’s other eye. Throughout the operation, the patient seemed totally relaxed and exhibited no sign of pain. When the operation was over, the man was carried off to the recovery room, where the recipients of these operations are looked after by the Casa staff for several hours.” From our perspective, it is not that surprising that the best mediums in the world have the aforementioned capacity to totally surrender to the dictates of Spirit and risk bringing into our plane of consciousness, such powerful messages from the invisible realms. Most people are incapable of such deep faith, a simple belief which makes these best mediums perfect conduits for universal consciousness.

Finally, Josie reported, “the medium began to work on the third patient, a young man, who also remained standing. The medium took an eight-inch hemostat and pushed it up the man’s nostril until only the round finger-holds of the instrument were showing. Then he began twisting the handle forcefully in circles for about ten seconds. When he pulled the hemostat out of the man’s nostril, it held a small mass of tissue. Although I have seen this same operation – which I nicknamed the “nose job” – many times since then, it never fails to amaze me. Knowing that the nasal cavity only goes straight inward for a few inches, I am baffled by this operation. In one case, the “nose job” was used to treat a man’s hernia! These operations were like nothing I had ever witnessed, and yet on one level, due to the powerful energy emanating throughout the Casa, it all felt strangely normal. It was as if I had landed on another planet that was very different than Earth.”

Many severe illnesses, some terminal, have been healed by John of God, one of the best mediums that have come to earth to help humanity. These best mediums are phenomenal apparitions themselves, and yet are severely panned by rigid scientific dogma or individuals who are totally caught up in the prevalent thought system which is that only what is proved scientifically is real. First of all, new scientific perceptions confirm a unified field of energy, that “emanates”, creating reality, and most of the new scientists do not sustain arrogant perceptions of reality. We sustain John of God as one of the best mediums on earth, a wonderful man able to help so very many! We thank Josie for her amazing book, and hope many people will read it and realise why John of God will touch many more people’s souls with his exceptional gifts.