Psychic Networks

7323357earthpurpleWhat Are Psychic Networks?

Have you ever thought that psychic networks might not be about answering questions as to when the boyfriend will call, when the house will be bought and when the job will be found? During these challenging times Psychic networks also cater to preoccupations about more complex realities. As worldwide disasters hit the headlines, temperatures plummet, earth quakes increase, storms rage and an official Vatican exorcist recently revealed there have been Satanic “goings on” in the Vatican for years, we might be encouraged to ask what is happening to our beautiful planet? In fact some of us might even ask psychic networks “Will there be a Third World War?” “Will our planet survive global warming?” And “Who are the Illuminati?” as we heard someone mention them only the other day and what we heard frightened us!

So who are the Illuminati? And could your “basic psychic” answer that question? The fact is some empaths are very knowledgeable about “alternative sources of information” the kind of information mainstream culture shrugs off as conspiracy theories that only “nutters” are into! May be the job of psychic networks is to help us reassess reality and get to the bottom of some of the more challenging issues humanity could face in the years to come.

David Icke

David Icke, a popular prophet and mystic lectures about the Illuminati, focusing on them as a threat to this planet, and our future. He classifies the Illuminati as a secret society of tenacious, shadowy individuals in positions of power, controlling our governments, our natural resources and our human rights. Icke claims that the Illuminati already have more than a say over international communication networks and banking institutions. Their aim, he says, is to frighten, because if people dread the future they tend to give overcontrol over to their governments.

The Illuminati

The Illuminati, which means “The Illumined”, refer to themselves as a spiritual elite, suffice it to say they are integrated into the very highest echelons of society and are often in the public eye. They hold investments in drugs, armaments, and pharmaceutical cartels. The Bush family has been cited as Illuminati, as have multi millionaire families such as the Rothschilds and Bildenbergers, plus various European Royals!

Illuminati theorists propose that world events are being manipulated by them as we speak. Some argue that the powers of the Illuminati, harking back to 18th century, have “moved on and up” and the spread of the movement is currently worldwide. It is said once an individual joins the Illuminati he cannot leave it, for he would pay with his own life. The intentions of the Illuminati are to remould Europe with a repressive ideology, and follow through with a general “dumbing down” of society so new wars can be fought and people will not rebel against them. The Illuminati believe this planet is overcrowded and that we need to cut back on the “useless”.

In the online “Illuminati Conspiracy” website it is stated that:

The Rockefeller Foundation

The Rockefeller Foundation enthusiastically supported the concept of ‘eugenics,’ which encourages the reproductive efforts of those deemed to have ‘good’ genes, while discouraging or stopping procreation by undesirables. But Rockefeller and others were anxious to go even further to mould America’s breeding patterns along evolutionary lines. In fact, several U.S. foundations financed eugenic research, including the Carnegie Institution, which funded eugenic studies at Cold Spring Harbor and the Rockefeller Foundation also helped in this regard!”

Therefore, are the Illuminti taking over our lives and running the world behind the scenes? We might perceive this idea as farfetched, but as we see the corruption of those supposed to lead us playing out in governments, we might need to ask a few basic questions such as “Where will all this lead?” “And “How do I react?” The answers could be both shocking and surprising!