Medium Psychic

19084869solutionpuzzleWhy Use a Medium Psychic?

Can a medium psychic help make us outrageously successful, or resolve our financial problems? Many of us are currently coming to terms with an unprecedented worldwide monetary crisis, but do you believe you can overcome your own resulting prosperity problems? A medium psychic, well versed on picking up your future, will help you see you can move way beyond your monetary blockages. She will proffer methods, not only to help you get over your anxiety, but guide you to resolving inner resistance when it comes to wealth. Before you go for a reading, however, be honest and ask yourself, “Do I really believe I can make my life richer? Am I really open to receiving finances and am I already grateful for what I have in my life? Or do I fret, worry and block out all the good things in my life?”


A professional medium psychic will offer solutions. If, for example, you have scarcity problems, she will identify the relevant issues and offer practical tools to solve them. She might steer you to creative visualization techniques, or advise you to read “The Secret”, a best seller that teaches how our thoughts create our reality and how we can use the Law of Attraction to manifest what we want. Or she might even counsel EFT, which is tapping technique that accesses acupuncture meridian points as we tune into limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Margaret Lynch

Margaret Lynch, a well known international life coach, has created a free website teaching us all how we can transform our lives with what seems an almost ludicrous system. The technique is “mind boggling” simple and incredibly effective, in fact there are millions of people tapping away their problems all over the world at this very minute. To start tapping away your own worries, use your dominant hand by finding the right side of it first, the one you would use to karate chop a table for example! With the other, less dominant hand, probably your left hand, take two or three fingers and tap the “Karate chop” point.

The other points to tap with the “dominant hand” are as follows. The corner of the eyebrow just above the nose, the outer corner of the eye on the edge of the eyebrow bone. Under the eye, literally the centre point where those dark shadows form. Under the nose, then the cleft of the chin, and the dip in the collar bone point, this is the U shaped bone directly under your neck, followed by a point three or four inches under the arm pit. Last but not least, the top of the head. We tap on each of these aforementioned points using two or three fingers, and tapping six or seven times on each subsequent point. As we tap away the stress, we also tune into limiting beliefs such as “I can never have what I want” This might seem borderline insane to you, but currently, this seemingly “wacko” system has achieved worldwide renown, obtaining spectacular results that effectively dematerialise blockages hindering personal success. So for example you could tap away saying these phrases to yourself, “I am afraid”, “I will never be prosperous” “I will never find love”, and then sense the relief and relaxation pervading your body as a result of the tapping.

Now, not every professional medium psychic will know of this particular technique, however she will certainly help you open your mind to new possibilities. Destiny, or Higher Intelligence, bestowed its gifts on you, for example the soul mate, the lottery win, the artistic flair, but what you do with these “goodies” is entirely up to you. This is because we are all destined to learn the Law of Free Will, which is about what we “do” with our Fate in this life time. So if you have had severe issues about not deserving love, riches or success, you will have realised things do not seem to work that well for you by now. Perhaps you ruined a great relationship, overspent on credit cards and squandered your talents with over competitiveness or insecurity. That is why any evolved medium psychic will strongly advise you to become more “self aware”. She will advise you to see any self destructive tendencies that are holding you back and ask you to relinquish feeling guilty or upset about your mistaken life choices. A compassionate medium psychic will always tell you that we ALL have issues.

It is interesting to note, that many a medium psychic is a natural life coach and will certainly advise you wisely. She will have probably overcome her own personal tests and communicate interesting ways to help you overcome yours. The aforementioned therapies are incorporated into a grand repertoire of possibilities that you can choose from to evolve your consciousness and improve your life. We encourage you to decide in your own way, perhaps investigate EFT, but also other life enhancing systems such as Tachyon therapy, past life regression, Reiki or Matrix healing, hypnosis, as well as the wonders of de-stress CDs. You will certainly choose what is best for you, but to get even more insight, you can ask your favourite medium psychic what system she believes will help you overcome your challenges today. You can do it! Take it from us, once you find a way to resolve your inner blockages, a fabulous life can be yours!