Love Spells

36604108lovepotionHave your love spells been going a bit wrong lately? You burn your fingers on the candle, trip over the red velvet tablecloth, were unable to get hold of that weirdo herb only growing in “certain” areas of the Amazon, and stutter allot as you read out the magical invocation. The fact is you might need the help of a psychic or empath to help those love spells click in.

Spell Casting

The stark fact is that love spells are not as easy to carry out as one might think. There is a tendency to believe that “anyone” can “make magic”. But the contrary is true. For example, some of us are hopeless at putting up shelves, we know other folks say it is easy, but we just do not have the inherent “practical” skills, and the same could be said for esoteric modules. Not everyone has the capacity to make spells, let alone love spells, work. The true ceremonial magical practitioner has a high energy level, an in-depth knowledge of how exacting spell casting is and accesses powers from a place of becausemic light and pure wisdom. She or he has learned how to access spiritual powers as a result of arduous training and dedication to the craft. She or he has probably been through a series of demanding initiation ceremonies, and has an ongoing rapport with the metaphysical. So if someone tells you that “anyone” can make love spells work tell them to educate themselves.

Magical Tradition

Love spells form part of a magical tradition passed on from generation to generation and like most metaphysical practices need to be looked on with the utmost respect. If you want to be an excellent sorcerer, you will choose to go through the initiation learning process slowly and learn to accept that it is a symbolic “re-enactment of inner attainment”. This is a very important step to realizing functional magical working.

There are various levels to learning ceremonial magic and most are carried out in secrecy, but a basic esoteric initiation usually utilizes ritualized practices, which adhere to the Golden Dawn and Thalamic traditions. The initiate learns about true community life before he is permitted to set up an altar. He practices total tolerance, love, compassion, patience and trust. Only when he is mature and open hearted enough, will he or she be given a space for a book and a candle. He will probably utilize the banishing ritual of the Pentagram, to protect his work, light the candle and read from the first chapter of the Book of Law out loud, with conviction and love. He will vow to serve humanity and contribute his life to the good of all.

Of course it depends on what magical lineage the initiated is working with, but the true neophyte will learn the basic principles of astral projection and methods of attunement to enhance the power of active imagination. Further up the ladder, he will learn advanced meditation practices and participation in active good works will be called upon by his master teacher.

So of course if you are not adept at ceremonial magic, or any type of magic and you take a superficial attitude to the practice of it, you will find that spell working could back fire, and then you will say anything metaphysical and paranormal is “dangerous, does not work, or is a delusion!” etc.

We would ask you to review your take on magic and realize like most things, if you want it to work, you need to be open to learn. You will also cultivate a) a gift, b) determination c) humility. So yes, some folks will tell you magic is easy peasey but we inform you yet again that it might not be quite like that! To get those love spells off the ground listen to your psychic, for in fact she might tell you don’t need to practice ceremonial magic for matters to move on in your life, you just need to learn to love yourself more, understand your partner and respect life itself. It might be that simple!