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What does the mega Blockbuster “Avatar” have to do with a free online psychic reading? After all, your average free online psychic reading does not have that much to do with Avatar’s awesome cinematic “special effects”. However, like your bona fide psychic, the hero in the movie, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), literally enters into the consciousness of other sentient beings, in this case aliens called the Na’vi, by simply by projecting his thoughts into their reality.

Vis a vis “Avatar” Paranormal News tells us of a CNN reporter’s theory. News Reporter Landau claims “Although nothing as complex as manipulating a creature through thought has been done, scientists working on allowing handicapped people to move prosthetic limbs with their minds are making headway. This idea actually played a role in the movie: Protagonist Jake Sully was in a wheelchair in his human body, but could walk, run and jump as his avatar!”

Miguel Nicolelis


One demonstration has been shown by Miguel Nicolelis, a neuroscientist at Duke University, who is working on robotic leg braces. In 2008, his group got a monkey in North Carolina to mentally control the walking patterns of a robot in Japan,

This was done by implanting electrodes in the brains of two rhesus monkeys. The electrodes recorded how cells in the brain’s motor and sensory cortex responded to walking on the treadmill at various speeds. The monkeys’ legs also had sensors to record walking patterns, claims Landau.

Again, you might ask what does a free online psychic reading have to do with all this? Well, one could say that the empath undertaking your free online psychic reading is comparable to Jake Sully in Avatar, simply because he or she totally identifies with your world whether it be a free online psychic reading, a text reading, an hour’s telephone reading, or just a simple face to face consultation at a psychic fair, the empath morphs into being “you”, and “sees” your reality, identifying not only with your destiny, but the thoughts and sensations of those around you. If you like, your reader becomes a mini Jake Sully.

However, even though scientists have gone far into cultivating brain controlled mechanisms, it would be scientifically improbable that an “Avatar-type” reality will happen that soon, but certainly in a couple of hundred years your average Joe Bloggs might well possess a computer programme that downloads another’s thought forms. We are well on the way to such amazing technology already.


The problem is that on the one hand science is making great strides in understanding metaphysical phenomena but on the other the sceptics continue to rage against anything that reeks of the “indefinable!” This contradiction could be compared to Galileo’s astronomical discoveries. He was tortured and called a heretic for his breakthroughs. Certainly in this day and age the sceptics cannot drag a psychic who carries out a free online psychic reading into the stocks, but still many a gifted healer has been lampooned and any “miraculous” claims have been torn to shreds by sceptics’ prejudiced laboratory experiments.

Some might deem that an open mind is a “must have” accoutrement if one wants to be a fully evolved human being. Today’s quantum physicists might perceive it as narrow minded to dismiss a free on line psychic reading with the wave of the hand. May be because a free online psychic reading could open out a whole new way of perceiving reality and help one realize, as Shakespeare did in his play Hamlet that “there are more things to heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy!”