Tarrot Readings

Whenever we are in search of free tarrot readings online, we would be wise to protect our energy field. Why? Well, if the computer generated outcomes of free tarot readings are a bit disconcerting we might be “put out”. For example, if the Tower, the Devil or the nine of Swords crop up as a final answer, we “could” misinterpret the response. In fact, it is always sensible not to take computer generated tarrot readings too seriously, but rather see them as a fun, exploratory experience. It is also wise to know a few simple techniques to protect ourselves when we feel that flutter in the pit of our stomach because, usually when we go for free tarot readings we want a quick response to ease some emotional or financial worry. However, mechanised computer tarot outcomes are beyond discussion, they are as they are and what they are might not be what we like or want!

It is interesting to note when we talk to a live psychic she will often ask us to uncross our arms or legs. After which she will say a prayer of protection and then hone straight in to the problem at hand. In that process we give her permission to read for us, but when we undertake computer generated tarrot readings it is more a case of the “luck of the draw”. So, if the result makes us feel wobbly it is wise to cross our arms and legs, connect our fingers and thumbs and contain our energy within. We can also visualize a long blue velvet cloak with a hood wrapped all around us, keeping away negative thoughts, both inner and outer. Why blue? Well blue is the colour of self expression and the throat chakra, which guides us to giving and receiving correct communication.

It is also useful to imagine a round, ball of white light high up in front of us when we go for computerised tarrot readings, and “feel” its warmth making us strong and positive. Another method is to say “I am light, I am love” This will enable the energy of any reading to guide us to the right advice, even if it is computerized. Before we go for any type of free tarot readings however, we can burn an incense stick. Myrrh is very protective and life enhancing. An additional method is to imagine a white light forming an egg shape all around us from head to foot; this will encourage sensations of security and strength. If we are still perturbed by the results of our computer generated tarot readings, ten drops of Bach Flower Rescue remedy in a warm bath will be great, especially before we go to sleep. Additionally, burning lavender aromatherapy oil will ease stress. However, if we prepare ourselves, and understand that mechanized tarrot readings are very different to the insight of a live psychic, we will sustain the right approach and the answer will tend to be a useful one, informing us of what we need to know, with a healthy “pinch of salt!” of course.

It is wise to embark on our spiritual journey with a positive mind set and some basic understanding of metaphysical processes. We can be greatly influenced by computerised tarrot readings, simply because the images are so powerful in themselves. Free tarot readings therefore are fun when taken with the right approach. All of the above protection systems, by the way, can be used in any situation where we feel anxious or insecure. Our thoughts, perceptions and energies form part of who we are, and by acknowledging them, and carrying out simple prayers and protective techniques we lay the groundwork for positive feedback, and a major understanding of what we want out of life!