Love Compatibility


Where there is great love, there are always miracles yet we search for our soul mates all our lives and love compatibility seems so hard to find. Love compatibility is often the needle in our proverbial haystack rather than the power behind our throne. Certainly we feel miserable alone, we need someone to bounce off, to adore, someone who will work with us to create an inspiring emotional future. Without such company we are “all at sea” and yet it is challenging to tie in our needs with those of another. Our souls yearn for our mates and yet when we find them more often than not love compatibility slowly goes out the window. When we think of a relationship, most of us exclude a third mysterious force playing through our union. We fail to realize that when we fall in love, celestial energies discharge a spiritual power that makes our association inimitable, giving it that “oomph” quality. If you were able to “see” that force, you would note it spirals around you similar to the DNA pattern, or those electrical coils around Christmas trees or stage events, but in this case the spiral form vibrates at mind-boggling velocity. This energy holds our spirits close and enriches our destinies as one instead of two. Often this spiral is referred to as a “twin flame/soul mate connection” and would be more than just the love compatibility factor but the “spiritual” elements required for a transformational relationship to work. This “spiral” is a natural element of life, and merges into all things connected to nature and man. A good Clairvoyant would be able to interpret it in regard to your relationship. She would see its texture, colour, sound and the past life elements within it, or simply describe it as the “Karma” “outcome” or “destiny” of your relationship.

What can happen is that our partner ceases to vibrate within our same force field, splitting up the spiral. It would seem rather like a light going out at that point. It is then that the love compatibility factor decreases. We “hide” our true sentiments from one another. We perceive sexual yearnings as fearful even “dark”. We do not realize that it takes much courage to know true love compatibility, that we have to overcome our fears of intimacy, our terror of merging with Spirit and the soul of another. Nobody ever told us if we identify with another person, we stop their growth and our evolution. Strange as it might seem, we need to take a step back, so the vibrant spiral energy can move again between us. As we move away from it, we add force to it, like a wind blowing leaves on a tree. Either we balance out our lives at that point, understanding where we are going wrong, recognizing that something “greater” unites us with another or we walk away from the relationship.

Mr and Mrs Right

When we use the words “Mr.” or “Mrs.” Right we are making our first mistake. We cannot expect anyone else to be perfect, and projecting our selfish ideals on to another is doomed to failure. We need to differentiate where they end and we begin and remain solid in our individuality, yet forceful in intimacy with the object of our affections. In other words we have to fervently embrace the power of love to make it work. But as most things in life, love compatibility needs dedicated attention and knowledge to succeed. Nobody taught us how to love at school, there are no university degrees in love and so this most important element has to be self-taught.

Janice was upset David called so infrequently. She felt he was pulling away. David needed time to reassess. Their relationship had been getting boring, Janice no longer attracted him the way she had once done. By taking space from her, he could rekindle that passion; by missing her he could appreciate her. His mistake was his inability to explain his feelings to Janet. So she misunderstood and sought help from an on line empath. The empath told her David’s distance was not an indication of his lack of love. The ambiguity was related to his need “to fall in love” with her all over again.

The fact is we all need to learn about love compatibility in this life, learn about giving and learn about sacrificing ourselves for a higher ideal. Many great Philosophers spoke of love, in fact as Bertrand Russell once said, “The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge” and those of us who have the courage to love another, know this to be true.