Tarot Card Reader

82562216pokerfaceDoes your favourite tarot card reader utilize magical ritual to refine her energies and enhance her “craft?” Many would say spiritual thought forms help a tarot card reader dig even deeper into the past present and future via the power of her personal tarot pack. In fact your tarot card reader might tell you that the best way to empower thoughts is through the practice of a devoted spiritual practice or positive spell weaving.

Janina Renee

In her fun book Tarot Spells, Janina Renee addresses “pragmatic spells that address everyday concerns, romance, family matters, job concerns, legal problems and so on.” However in this fascinating epistle there are also spells for working towards personal development, using the rich symbolism of the Tarot as an uplifting tool”. As many a tarot reader will know, a well placed spell can increase compassion, love for humanity and evolving consciousness simply by healing our magnetic field or aura. However, let it be said an ethical tarot card reader will never plant suggestions into another’s mind, or use magic to gain power over another. A wise tarot card reader also knows that to create negative magic is to reap misery not only on oneself, but on family and friends. So connecting to the goodness of the “higher magical self” is always advisable.

Janina’s fascinating book also contains some base line spells and it is full of suggestions as to how to connect to that aforementioned magical self, and manifest the heart’s desires. One of her more popular spells is to increase personal charisma and charm, which is an important quality in any life. With charm we can “literally talk the birds off the trees”, for want of better words. You will probably have noticed that your favourite tarot card reader has the “gift of the gab”, so ask yourself, has she enhanced her “chatter” with the help or prayer or magic? Renee would say “yes!”

Renee’s fun yet powerful “charm spell” is a great way to increase confidence. You could discover that your favourite tarot card reader will heartily agree that increasing wisdom, dedication and universal love is great PR, as is making sure you emanate a light filled vibe. But your tarot card reader also knows as Renee says, that increasing the qualities depicted on that wonderful tarot card, the Star, will also enhance “physical grace and beauty!”

Renee tells us how to do this spell. “First choose your significator such as a court card, like a King or Queen and then pick out from the pack The Star, and The Magician, laying the three cards out in front of you. As you focus on your initial visualization see yourself standing amid a sea of stars. Realize you are looking more and more sparkling and radiant. If you wish, use accessories for this spell too, gold or silver candles, crystals and gemstones, metals, flowers and a cloth may be used. Gold and silver represent radiance. Gold is appropriate for more outgoing gregarious types whereas silver, the lunar colour, would represent a more subtle charm. If possible, set mirrors up around the edge of your arrangement of the cards.”


Say a prayer to the Goddess, or All that Is” and continue to see yourself expanding out charm and beauty. If you have long hair you could brush it whilst visualizing yourself as charming As you connect to the Magician card, spread out your hands and draw a circle, see yourself as a powerful sorcerer, or sorceress. Feel a great and magical energy pulsating through you to include the sky, and a garden of spring flowers blooming at your feet. Finally connect to the Star card in front of you and know that the energy within you will radiate, like that of the Star, to all those around you. As you merge with the starry heavens, say “Magic flows through me and beauty shines from me. Magic and beauty I weave around me. Every person that I encounter feels the compelling charm and sees the radiant glow that shines about me like a star. So it is, and so it shall be.” Close the spell by meditating on your central core. .

If you tell your tarot card reader you “went for” that spell she might say “now you have saved yourself thousands of pounds in plastic surgery”, because this kind of metaphysical energy is extremely anti aging and beautifying. Yet for all the significance and power of her spells, Janina’s approach is still down to earth. She says “Tarot Spells promote a way of reaching deep within yourself by using cards and the symbols of great antiquity to influence and change the course of events and the world around you”. We would not disagree with her treatise. And neither would your favourite tarot card reader.