Online Psychic Readings

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How can we associate on line psychic readings, or the prediction of future events, with famous spiritual pundits such as Eckhart Tolle, author of the bestseller A New Earth. Eckhart is a spiritual teacher who advocates the “Be Here Now” stance on life in his best seller “The Power of Now!”

Eckhart Tolle is also the German mystic sought after for his charismatic persona. He is famous for his interventions on the Oprah Winfrey Show and his online spiritual communications. He theorizes that constant obsession with the future can only bring unhappiness. He perceives obsession with what will happen next creates angst and psychosis and is exactly the wrong attitude to take towards life.

This opinion might appear to clash with that of the psychic, for example the kind of predictions proffered during online psychic readings, indeed one might assume they are as far away from Eckhart’s point of view as chalk is from cheese. But in actual fact, this might not be the case. You see, online psychic readings are an assessment of the “here and now” for in the “here and now” all the future is contained. Our attitudes, our perceptions, our emotions, as well as our destiny, create our future and if on line psychic readings are carried out by empathic clairvoyants and mediums that fact is taken very much into account.

In his book “A New Earth”, Eckhart writes “Most people define themselves through the content of their lives. Whatever you perceive, experience, do, think or feel is content. Content is what absorbs most people’s attention entirely and it is what they identify with. When you think of say my life you are not referring to the life that you ARE but the live that you HAVE or seem to have. You are referring to your age, health, relationships, finances work and living situation as well as your mental and emotional states. The inner and outer circumstances of your life, your past and your future, all belong to the realm of content, as do events that is to say anything that happens!”


When an empath connects to you during online psychic readings, she will suss out your aura, pick up its vibrations and translate them into a vision. This vision could appear in front of her eyes, or she could” feel” it and thus connect to the “content” of your life, as Eckhart implies. However, online psychic readings will also take into account messages from spirit, which often refers to the “content” you are choosing to concentrate on. If for example you have always had financial problems, online psychic readings will pick that up as “content”. If you continually fall in love, online psychic readings will also pick that up as “content”. If you are clumsy, absent minded, have an upbeat perception of yourself, or even have a creative view of most events, online psychic readings will see that again, as content. During online psychic readings, the empath will comment on and help you develop, or understand parts of your life’s “content” that are holding you back. For example she will sense that if you continue to do things in a certain way, the outcome would be this or that. But the underlying core root of your life is in your hands and is not just the content, but your soul journey and in that capacity whatever happens to you, good or bad, can be transformed, and if you like transmuted. Of course your life will be affected by what goes on around you. Political and global events will touch you and a psychic can be given images of future visions around your life that are connected to such events during readings. But Eckhart does warn us that looking into the future can be dysfunctional when it comes to utopian solutions, or a sense that life is about to happen, never that it is happening now. In fact many empaths, healers and spiritual folk doing readings will help us understand what the future brings, but also draw our attention to our own free will and its inherent power over our lives. And in that sense, the empath echoes Eckhart’s words. In the sense that knowing ourselves in the present tense is a future solution, or if you like a key to a New Earth Eckhart implies is our true future.