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A free live psychic has to be authentic. Advice proffered by an empath must come from the heart. A free live psychic reading is usually spontaneous, and cuts right through our “control freak” persona, you know the one that checks whether we shut the door, switched off the iron and put kitty out, fifty times before we actually leave the house. You see, a free live psychic reading accesses our real self, helping us to move on from patterns that hold us back. A psychic knows that we need to go beyond cultural conditioning if a genuine interaction is to take place with our outside world, so as she picks up our energies across the air waves she does her best to point that out to us.

A free live psychic reading might actually help us to quit trying to be the “winner” at all times. In fact, sometimes these “I am the champion” masks we present to our public are the very things that stop us from evolving. We judge ourselves harshly if we show weakness, yet the irony is we are often victims of hard core “social” conditioning that morphs us into a fake “persona” alla “Basil Fawlty”. Somehow our happiness gets lost way down on the Richter Scale.


Mike Robbins


A man who has made a career out of teaching people to be real is the well known personal trainer Mike Robbins. He talks about our desperate struggle with authenticity, about how we always want to appear “in with the in crowd” in his book “Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken!” Sure, he says, get all the right letters after your name, and climb to the top of the career ladder but if you want to be truly happy, know that loving who you are is the answer? Sounds “wacko California” or even “New Age delusional?” Yet when interviewed by the Conscious Media Radio Mike explained why we are afraid of speaking our truth. He pointed out we block our spontaneity and become our own worst enemies. An inner fear of being real is taught through those divisions between social and personal life from an early age. “Don’t scream in public” mum says as we turn her face red in the supermarket at five years old! So Mike reminds us how we were educated not to cry in front of strangers, or to bite our lip when we want to tell someone they just stood on our foot in the bus queue. Any sign of hysteria and we are reaching for the creme de menthe.

When we talk to a free live psychic however, the empath hones in on the authentic self, perhaps reminding us that we are not always so lucky. Perhaps we are afraid to reveal our desperation. But as she tells us more and more home truths, finally we are willing to admit we do leave hairs in the sink, we do dry our panties on the radiator, and the boyfriend has been driven to drink because he says we pick our nose in restaurants! But remember a free psychic reading could prove invaluable, even if the reader “sees” that true self of ours on such a deeply human level! In fact, the empath connecting to us via the free live psychic reading cuts right through the dross and dives straight into our core, sometimes to our consternation.

Mike Robbins has coached many individuals who work as high level business consultants. He teaches them how to speak the truth. For example, “no we are not going to sign on that particular dotted line”. But he still claims “every time he stands up in front of a new class, he feels as if he is an idiot!” He also told the conscious media radio that he often has a feeling that if people really knew him, they would think what a jerk he actually was! In fact there can be an element within each human being that believes we may be far less than our social mask gives us credit for. Mike tells us that to become aware of our “depths”, be unafraid to show our emotional glitches, after all we need to love our souls. We don’t have to spend all our time impressing people with our stunning intelligence after all, so perhaps it is okay to be Joe Bloggs and squeeze the toothpaste from the middle of the tube!

A free live psychic reading will certainly reveal our inner self. In fact more often than not a free live psychic reading will pinpoint why we are feeling so lonely and detached. These feelings of disassociation from others make us sad, so we are inclined to project our frustrations onto them as a result. Yet “Pretending” to be “perfect” is a sure fire way to block our evolution and make people run a mile. So next time you go for a free live psychic reading, be prepared to reveal all even if you have convinced yourself you look like Paris Hilton, but actually bear a strong resemblance to Dawn French!