Spirits And Afterlife

721468marilynmonroeAfterlife theories remain a constant theme in our 21st century culture. Spirits, or ghosts are unexplained consequences of a mystery pervading history for thousands of years. Would it surprise you know that Hollywood has also played its part? In fact, it is said that Spirits of dematerialized show biz folk haunt Hollywood’s glittering boulevards to this day.

Spirits can be good sorts, until they morph into meanies menacing “tinsel town”. Negative spirits feed on the energy of those who witness them and are very different from the more evolved types that come in the form of angels and spirit guides. So yes, Spirits can also come in diverse shapes and in Hollywood they are not always super-positive; perhaps the competitive nature of folk living on the edge and utilizing the darker side of their natures to get to the top of the “Fame Tree” is not that conducive to heavenly realms

Bela Lugosi

1940s film Star Bela Lugosi, for example, was the original Count Dracula. In fact Bela was born close to where Dracula was said to have originated in Transylvania, Romania. The spirit of Bela Logosi who was somewhat of a drug addict and dissipated type, has been seen to wander Hollywood sets, with a special penchant for the “Hollywood Boulevard” and Hotel Roosevelt. Hotel Roosevelt has always been a popular “haunt” for film stars; in fact it is an “archetype fun place” to hang out in to this day. It literally reeks “Old Hollywood”. The spirit of Montgomery Cliff, who became famous in the 1950s for his sensitive portrayal in the Oscar winning “From Here to Eternity” is still “felt” to walk its corridors. Cliff loved to play his bugle in room 928 on the ninth floor. Guests have reported the sound of those notes wafting through corridors around the vicinity of room 928. They have also reported feeling a cold breeze coming up behind them Few like to visit the ninth floor, or room 928, even nowadays!

The Black Dahlia

But the most terrifying apparition is that of “The Black Dahlia”. Her desperate ghost still haunts Hollywood bars and hotels The Black Dahlia or Elizabeth Short, was savagely murdered. A mother and daughter stumbled across the corpse of a young woman sawn in half! It would be unlikely they would have ever forgotten the sight because the mutilations were demonic, with a horrible smirk carved on her face! Certainly, for all her “sins” Elizabeth did not deserve such an end! She had been a 22 year old beauty, with a rose tattoo on her left thigh. Born to an “All American family” she was a “tear away teen” but at 18, her beauty was so astonishing people said she should become a film star. She left her home town to seek stardom in Hollywood, her pass time was dressing in black; black sheath, black stockings and shoes, etc; somewhat logically she was nicknamed the Black Dahlia. Her social life was so suspect that her ambition to become a movie star soon slipped away in a milieu of sordid nightclubs and downbeat bars. After her murder, an anonymous letter was sent to the press enclosing her address book, birth certificate and security card. A page had been ripped from her address book. Who had ripped it out? The killer was never found but the ghost of “The Black Dahlia” has been seen to linger around old haunts including Hollywood boulevards and the place where her mutilated corpse had been found.

Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford’s Hollywood mansion was said to be haunted by evil spirits. Some say those spirits had already taken possession of Crawford when she was alive. Certainly, she was an odd film star, with unusual looks and a scary personality. After her death, people insisted her mansion was cursed. Fires were reported there frequently and strange events took place on a regular basis. Buyers had to exorcise the villa due to constant runs of bad luck and hauntings. Some say Joan Crawford’s “evil spirits” account for her cruel treatment of daughter Christina. Christina’s subsequent bestselling book “Mommie Dearest!” infers that Joanie was more than slightly “off her head!”

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe could be classified as the “mother of all restless spirits”. Many remain suspicious about the circumstances of her death. It was said she had committed suicide. But the coroner’s report was incomplete and her telephone bills mysteriously dematerialized. Marilyn and JFK were lovers. Many in the higher echelons knew about the affair. When the FBI found out they wanted to incriminate Kennedy. Yet Bobby Kennedy stood by Marilyn when John was forced to let her go. Bobby and Marilyn fell in love! Marilyn called for a press conference to explain her position. The day before the conference she was found dead of an overdose. Marilyn’s spirit has been seen all around Hollywood, even at the Hotel Roosevelt. Some might say she wants to tell us that she will only find rest when she gets the justice she deserves!

Perhaps the spirits of Hollywood elite remain attached to earth because they cannot let go of their unresolved drama. Perhaps they yearn for the simplicity of a normal life. We can only guess, but to bump into the ghost of Bela Lugosi on a dark night is not our idea of fun! Perhaps you would prefer Joanie Crawford! All we can say at this point is – scream!!!