Local Psychic

16455711magiccardsWhy Look For a local Psychic?

You are looking for a psychic, perhaps even a local psychic to advise you how to get out of a dire financial collusion course that could lead to bankruptcy. The current economic global meltdown has affected your business; you can no longer meet your obligations. You feel a local psychic might help you out, perhaps talk you through some metaphysical solutions that resolve your material challenges. You certainly need a breakthrough. The bank has turned down your overdraft and your mortgage payment has been over due for two months. You also just lost your job, and cannot find a new one. It is enough to drive anyone to the creme de menthe, but you are hoping luck is still on your side, and that a local psychic might help you find an answer to your worries. You scan the yellow pages for a local psychic, trying not to get into a panic. Esther the Magical Metaphysician and Vanessa the Celtic Goddess do not make you feel that optimistic, the situation continues to seem irresolvable. you cannot find anyone who “fits the bill”, that is until you go on line, trawl the web, pick up on a reputable astro company and dial in for a psychic reading.

The Experience

The psychic who takes your call is friendly, his name is a quite simply “Andrew” and he tells you that the financial meltdown is affecting many of his clients. You feel better once you learn other people “are in the same boat!” He goes on to declare that “people are grasping at straws” these day, and in his view humanity has never experienced a monetary situation quite like this, he continues to tell you that a similar occurrence happened fifty years ago when the Great Depression hit the US and affected world finances, but he says “that was different!”

He insists “We all need to find a solution that is resolution to a total collapse of the monetary system” and he goes on to predict that you are on the very edge of a positive breakthrough.

Dattatriya Siva Baba

An Indian spiritual teacher called Dattatriya Siva Baba also claims he has that special solution that will help humanity heal money matters; in fact, he assures us that this solution will bring relief to those who are very down on their luck. His answer to our woes is the simple chanting of a magical mantra, or sacred Sanskrit words that clear up karmic tendencies to press monetary “self destruct buttons”. The magical word he suggests we use, “sounds like” Bre-Zee and is spelt Brzee.

Siva Baba’s story goes that an ancient Indian king was unable to find a solution to fix the economic collapse of his people. He consulted a powerful guru who gave him the aforementioned mantra and they were all saved from total financial collapse. Apparently, by repeating the mantra Om Brzee Namahah, we rise above the pits of poverty to prosperity and greatness. If we repeat or chant the mantra for half an hour to an hour each day, Siva Baba assures us that there will be a vast improvement to our personal finances, and in fact we will manifest monetary miracles almost immediately!

Andrew, the psychic, also tells you that crystals and stones draw prosperity to us. He mentions that the Malachite detoxes our energy systems from negative feelings, such as anxiety and fear. Malachite not only stimulates our intuition and protects us from psychic attack, but literally magnetizes prosperity. It also tends to help us win over our own self destructive tendencies.

Amethyst could be additional protection for those facing legal proceedings due to financial problems. It has a tendency to help us avoid addictive behaviour.

Flower essences clear out our financial karma and draw good news to us. Australian Bush flower Essences, for example, have created combo flower essences for Abundance which release sabotaging behaviour such as ingrained family patterns and fear of luck, thus pulling riches into our life at all levels. The Abundance Bush Flower essence can also shift on the negative thinking that stops us from receiving, and open us out to personal potential and possibility.

So all is not lost if we maintain our faith that we can overcome anything. In this regard, the old news is that thought creates our reality; the new news is that any metaphysician would tell you that!